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Show up on Google with Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads help businesses connect with people who search for the services that they offer on Google.

Help more customers find your professionals

Your professionals appear at the top of Google Search

Customer can easily find your professionals when looking to hire someone

Every business ad that you manage displays your company's name

Who can participate

This programme is open to services marketplaces with 1000+ professionals. Learn more

How to get started

Answer a few questions about your company

Our team will ask you a few questions to make sure that our programme is right for you. This programme may not be offered in select geographies.

Tell us about your screening process

Businesses must pass at least one level of screening to participate. Most of your professionals will immediately qualify for listing.

Get set up on local services Ads

When you're all clear, sync your professionals’ profile information and reviews with Local Services Ads. No additional work is required for them to go live.