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An example ad for a ‘modern furniture’ search and resulting ad

Be just a Google Search away

With billions of searches per day on Google, you can use Search ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action.

An example ad for a ‘modern furniture’ search and resulting ad

Reach the right people with Search ads



A mobile search for ‘modern furniture’.

Reach people searching for your business

People are constantly turning to Google Search for answers – what to do, where to go, what to buy, how to do things. Your keywords help you show up when people search for what you offer.

A mobile search for ‘modern furniture’.


A graph that shows performance over time

Achieve your performance goals

Google Ads uses auction-time bids to determine which ads to show. Reach more potential customers and meet your goals by setting bids that make sense for your business.

A graph that shows performance over time


An ad for Modern Design & Co shows up during a ‘modern furniture’ search.

Highlight your products and services

Connect with potential customers in the moments that matter. With Search ads, you can customise your message and showcase what you have to offer as people search on Google.

An ad for Modern Design & Co shows up during a ‘modern furniture’ search.

Grow your business with Google Ads

  • A dog eats its customised dog food order from Tails.com.

    How tails.com embraces AI to connect with new customers on Search

    182% increase in trial sign-ups and 258% increase in clicks

  • An older man and woman stand next to each other while holding a goat in front of a stone farm building with a red door.

    Google Ads helps Chuckling Goat see a healthy return

    4.95x growth in sales since using Google Ads

  • A close-up view of someone holding their smartphone with the PensionBee App displayed on screen.

    How optimisation helped PensionBee triple their customer base

    100% growth in Search Campaign investment

A friendly Google Ads Expert smiles at the camera, surrounded by chat boxes.

Partner with a Google Ads Expert to get help setting up your first campaign

  • Get one-on-one guidance and personalised recommendations
  • Get help tailoring your budget and media plan
  • Get help selecting the right keywords
Contact an Ads Expert

Get started with Search ads

Google Ads makes it easy to show up when people search for what you offer. Tap into these modules to learn how to get started with Search ads.

  • Choose the right keywords to reach relevant searches

    Keywords match your ads with the terms people are searching for. To make the most out of Google’s AI, use broad match with Smart Bidding to reach more relevant searches expected to perform within your goals.

  • Set precise bids for every single search with Smart Bidding

    Bidding helps you connect with customers while managing your budget. Smart Bidding uses machine learning to automatically set bids that help you reach your performance goals, maximise ROI, and save time.

  • Show the right message with responsive search ads

    Powered by Google’s AI, responsive search ads can help you show the right ads to the right people. To make your ads even more helpful, include assets like sitelinks and images.