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Helping your business build trust online: How the Google Guarantee works

January 1, 2023 Article

In an increasingly safety-conscious digital landscape, trust matters more than ever. But while local businesses can expect to build a solid reputation in their community simply by doing good work, it can prove challenging to generate trust online. The Google Guarantee makes it easy to let people know that the services they discover online come from a qualified, trustworthy professional and that your business — and their satisfaction — is backed by Google.


What is the Google Guarantee?

The Google Guarantee badge gives customers peace of mind by providing a clear indication that a service provider — such as an electrician or plumber — has been screened and verified by Google. It also assures their satisfaction by offering a money-back guarantee.

Why is the Google Guarantee good for your business?

For service providers, the Google Guarantee is a great step in building that local word-of-mouth reputation in a digital way. The Google Guarantee badge can be displayed alongside your business name in an ad, helping potential customers know they’re booking with a provider they can trust.

How can you get the Google Guarantee badge for your business?

Before you’re given your badge, you’ll need to go through a screening process to confirm you’re a reputable provider that Google users can trust.

Any service provider signing up for Local Services Ads can begin the automated process to assess their suitability. Here, businesses must demonstrate their reputation and hard-earned credentials by passing Google’s essential checks for their business category.

How do I begin the verification process?

As soon as you’ve signed up for Local Services Ads, you’ll be directed towards the qualification process for the Google Guarantee.

What is Local Services Ads?

Local Services Ads show up for people in the area who are searching on Google for the services the advertiser offers. The business only pays if a customer gets in touch via the ad.

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What does the screening process include?

The screening process for businesses signing up to be an advertiser on Local Services Ads can include a licence check, an insurance check, or both.

What happens after I’ve submitted my application?

Once you’ve submitted your application, our verification team carries out the necessary screening. Then, assuming you’ve passed, your badge will be displayed on your business profile and you’ll be able to begin advertising with Local Services Ads.

In some cases, as you work on getting your badge, you might be able to begin advertising without a badge — as long as you’ve passed a few preliminary checks.

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