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Help your marketing go further, faster, with AI-powered ad solutions

Work together with Google’s AI-powered ad solutions to find new customers, unlock additional performance opportunities, and accelerate your business growth.

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Multiply your results
Multiply your customer connections
Multiply your expertise

Multiply your results

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Drive profitable growth

Capture reliable ROI and optimise performance in real time. Google’s AI helps you unlock incremental conversions and value from your budget.

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Multiply your customer connections

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Find your highest value audiences

Combine your knowledge with Google’s consumer insights to stay on top of fast-changing trends and meet customers where they are across essential channels like YouTube and Search.

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Multiply your expertise

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Make Google’s AI technology work for you

Your expertise is more important than ever. Combine your business knowledge, strategy, and creativity with Google’s AI to maximise your results.

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Grow your business with Google’s AI-powered ad solutions

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    How Bose increased holiday e-commerce sales by 81% with Search and Shopping automation

    Bose drove an 81% increase in e-commerce sales and a 35% increase in revenue by de-siloing budgets.

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    How Commerzbank used broad match to increase new customers by 59%

    Compared to phrase, broad match generated 59% more new customers, while cost per acquired customer was reduced by an average of 27%.

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    How tails.com got 3x dog food subscriptions by adding broad match to Search campaigns

    Conversions from generic campaigns nearly tripled - leading to an all-time high in trial sign-ups, thanks to AI-powered ad solutions

Discover other solutions that can help your business

Google Ads’ solutions can help you achieve your goals with campaigns that help you find customers across all of Google, accurate measurement, and actionable insights about your performance. Learn more about setting goals for your chosen marketing objective.

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Partner with a Google Ads expert to get help setting up your first campaign

  • Get one-on-one guidance and personalised recommendations
  • Get help tailoring your budget and media plan
  • Get help selecting the right keywords
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What AI technology empowers marketers to do now…

In the words of world-class marketers themselves.

  • Unlock new value and performance opportunities

    “A lot of organisations think automation leads to savings, but the goal of automation is to release the human from the robot and create capacity for thought.” Doug Rozen — CEO of Dentsu Media Americas

  • Enable relevance and personalisation at scale

    “Automation is all about unlocking the power of predicted conversion rates, which simply means treating people the way they should be treated: as individuals with unique preferences, tastes and desires.” Patrick Gilbert, COO, AdVenture Media