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Princess Polly | From Beachside startup to International success with a little help from Google

20 March 2023 Success story

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Success story

In 2010, Princess Polly was founded in a Gold Coast apartment selling women’s fashion online. Princess Polly has now grown from an Australian beachside start-up to an international success employing over 300 staff.


revenue generated from Google Pay Per Click, one of their most profitable channels


ROI achieved with Google Ads


staff across Australia and the US

“We wouldn’t be here without using Google Ads. I was blown away by the results. Today, it’s a fundamental part of our business. It’s helped us scale massively. So I’d definitely recommend it.”

Dane Walker, Global Marketing Director, Princess Polly

Princess Polly’s goals

Princess Polly is an e-commerce retailer that began in true startup fashion, from a beachside apartment on the Gold Coast in 2010. Their mentality as a business has remained the same from the beginning. Continue learning and trying new things, growing sustainably and keeping their customers at the core of everything they do.

Princess Polly’s approach

Princess Polly knew that Google was critical to their business, but using SEO alone wasn’t enough to compete with much larger brands. Therefore, Princess Polly started using Google Ads’ Search & Smart Shopping Campaigns to reach customers searching with an active mindset, with intent to buy.

In 2019, a customer survey showed that a third of Princess Polly’s audience were on YouTube daily. This drove Princess Polly to advertise on YouTube, to connect with their customers more impactfully with sight, sound and motion.

Princess Polly was able to re-purpose creatives from social media and tweak it for YouTube to maximise the reach of their best authentic content.

Princess Polly’s results

Search & Smart Shopping ads delivered 30:1 ROI for Princess Polly, exceeding their ROI goals. From these results, Princess Polly grew their investment, and today, Google Ads drives 51% of Princess Polly’s revenue.

Princess Polly also ran YouTube campaigns, which drove a 600% increase in total conversion and an ROI of 20:1. These results fuelled their growth to a team of 300, and accelerated international expansion to the US.

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