Local Campaigns

Promote your physical locations across Google

Local campaigns help you reach shoppers across Google to highlight your nearby stores, in-store product inventory, or special promotions.

Reach millions of local customers online with one simple campaign

Encourage people to visit your location by showing up at the right time with the right message on the right platform, no matter where they are on the web.

  • YouTube

    Reach potential local customers when they watch videos and are likely to visit your location.

  • Display

    Capture local customers' attention in more places when they're browsing the web or in apps.

  • Maps

    Be visible when customers are nearby and show interest for locations like yours while they're searching or browsing.

  • Search

    Reach people who are near your location or show interest for businesses like yours.

  • Business Profile

    Get a one-stop landing page to promote your products and special offers to customers.

Showcase your in-store products

Entice shoppers by providing valuable information about specific products you offer and help them decide when and how to visit your store.

Let automation do the work for you

Save time for what matters most to your business. Local campaigns automatically optimize your bids, creatives, and ad placements to increase visits to your store.

Measure your impact in the real world

Understand the in-store impact of your campaigns with reporting on store visits or calls, and directions clicks.

Learn how to create a Local campaign