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How to unlock the value of your creative assets with Google Ads

January 1, 2023 Article
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Why are creative assets beneficial in online advertising?

As the behaviours and habits of consumers have changed online, the value of creative assets such as imagery and video has too. Half of online shoppers now say images of a product inspired them to purchase, so getting your creative assets right clearly matters.

Google Ads allows you to use creative assets across different ad formats and campaigns, including in Search, Performance Max, Video, and Display, to drive leads and other conversions. Google AI optimises your visual and text assets to find the most effective combination for each audience.

Using innovative ad formats and harnessing the benefits of Google AI can help you scale creative, provide more precision, and tailor ads for customers looking for visual inspiration.

Here are some examples of how you can use creative assets to achieve different goals:

Drive leads:

Showcase your products and services in a visually appealing way. You can also use text assets to highlight your unique selling propositions and encourage users to, for example, sign up for your email list or download a white paper.

Increase sales:

Create compelling offers and promotions. You can use text assets to highlight product benefits and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Improve brand awareness:

Deliver visually appealing and memorable ads that tell your brand story. You can also use text assets to communicate your brand values and mission.

Google Ads helps ensure your creative assets showcase your business and generate more conversions.

Getting the most from your imagery on Google Ads

Adding images to your Search ads is a simple and effective way of making your products or services stand out online. Using image assets, you can complement the text in your Search ad with imagery, and anyone who clicks on the image will be taken directly to your site.

Head to the Assets section in your account and upload relevant images for your ad group or campaign.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can use image assets to showcase lifestyle visuals or product shots. Consider showing your product or services in a real-life context: 78% of respondents said a brand’s advertising should show how it can be helpful in everyday life.

Performance Max campaigns are another key tool for creating visually engaging ads to reach valuable audiences as they browse websites, apps, and more Google touchpoints. Performance Max uses AI technologies to determine which combination of creative assets works best for you, in a single campaign across Google’s full range of advertising channels.

Winning consumer attention with video

Whatever the size of your business, video advertising is within reach. With Google Ads Video campaigns, you can connect with potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube and through Google video partners. What’s more, you only ever pay when consumers show interest by clicking on an ad.

Your Video ads don’t need to be complex or expensively produced - in fact, a recent global Google study found there was an advantage to developing creative that felt less polished and formal. When a Deliveroo ad with high production values was tested against a more stripped-down version, the latter performed 10% better in terms of conversions.

Video ads are a great tool to help you broaden the awareness of your business, win consumer attention, and get people to engage with your website or content. Upload your assets, choose your audience, and set your budget - and you can decide on a daily spend and monthly cap.

Putting more visual assets in to get better results out

Google Ads tends to work best when you include the maximum number of visual assets possible for every campaign type. This is especially the case when using ad formats underpinned by AI technology, such as Performance Max.

Google AI can process a huge array of signals from online users and optimise visual assets, messaging, budget, bidding, and ad placement in response. The more creative assets you put in, the more the AI-powered solutions have to work with, and potentially the better the results.

Based on internal data, advertisers that included at least one video in their Performance Max campaigns saw an average increase of 12% additional conversions. This encompasses a range of conversion types, such as leads, online sales, app installs, and more.

The technology is always evolving, but by following best practice and using Google Ads tools, you can help ensure your creative assets deliver relevant, engaging experiences that showcase your business and generate more valuable customer actions.

Source: 1. Google data, Global, November 2022

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