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Get better results across all Google Ads channels with Performance Max campaigns

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Get better results across all Google Ads channels with Performance Max campaigns

Key takeaways

As purchase journeys become more complex and encompass more channels, Performance Max helps you show up in the right places across Google touchpoints. From Search to Google Maps, you can run a multi-channel, goal oriented campaign that uses automation to save time and optimise performance.

Here we look at the key benefits of Performance Max, including how it can help generate valuable leads and grow your business.

1. What is Performance Max?

2. How can Performance Max benefit your business?

3. How can you get the best out of Performance Max?

1. What is Performance Max?

When it comes to ensuring your ads reach valuable customers online, Performance Max offers a streamlined and automated solution. It allows you to consolidate your ads across all Google’s channels and inventories — from YouTube to Display, Search, Gmail, and Maps — and optimise towards one goal.

Performance Max complements your keyword campaigns by helping to drive more conversions across every Google property. This can save you valuable time and increase budget efficiency by allowing you to create, manage, and optimise your activity across multiple channels in one single campaign.

Performance Max helps you find more customers wherever they are online

2. How can Performance Max benefit your business?

Performance Max helps you find more customers wherever they are online and promote your business across the entire Google Ads inventory.

Whether you’re looking to drive online sales, generate leads, or increase in-store footfall, you can set your business goal and allow automation to optimise your campaign activity — including budget, placement, and creative — to boost your online advertising performance.

Increase conversions and value

Automation optimises your budget and bids across Google channels to help drive conversions in real-time. Advertisers making the most of Performance Max campaigns are already seeing an average increase of 13% total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action.1

Find new and high value customers

Performance Max uses machine learning to process complex intent signals, behaviour, and context. This helps your ads show up in the right moments — increasing relevancy and helping you connect with consumers most likely to convert. It’s the ideal way to unlock extra demand on the Google properties where you already advertise, while branching out onto entirely new channels, too.

Gain richer insights

You’ll find Performance Max campaigns on the Insights page of your Google Ads account, where you can gain a direct understanding of how automation is working for you. You can discover what steps can be taken to ensure your campaign is performing at its best across all channels.

Optimise creatives for performance

Whether it’s headlines, descriptions, images, or videos, Performance Max consolidates all of your assets in order to create customised, compelling ads across Google channels. Your assets are mixed and matched to find what performs best together, meaning your ads are optimised for relevance and, therefore, performance.

Smart Bidding

An automated approach to budgeting that uses machine learning to optimise your budget and bids for conversions.

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3. How can you get the best out of Performance Max?

As Performance Max is designed to make managing your multi-channel campaigns easier, it’ll free up time for you to focus on higher-level strategic tasks. Make sure you’re best placed for growth by following these four tips.

Know your goals

Each Performance Max campaign optimises all of your ad activity towards one conversion goal, ensuring you select a goal that will deliver the most value to your business. That way, automation will prioritise the conversions most likely to add that value.

Link your data

Feeding your existing first-party data into your Google Ads account will allow you to better reach audiences with similar characteristics and behaviours to your current high-value customers — unlocking entirely new segments and helping drive growth.

Pool your assets

Give machine learning a steer by ensuring you have a rich pool of assets. That way, Performance Max will be able to work up more combinations when it gathers your assets in order to create more relevant ads — making conversions more likely and helping you to easily identify what works best for your customers.

Take an overview

From rising search trends to the combinations report, delving into detailed and automated insights from your Performance Max campaigns will help you gain a unique view of performance across multiple channels — and improve conversions as a result.

1Google Data, Global, Ads, July–September 2021

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