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Illustration of 3 users around 1 search query to show their differences and a line graph representing audience interest.

Gather intent-based audience insights

Explore your audience’s interests, uncover search trends, and unlock new ways to reach them with Insights Finder.

Illustration of 3 users around 1 search query to show their differences and a line graph representing audience interest.

Build better marketing strategies with Insights Finder



Get to know your audience and find ways to reach them

Understand your audience and their interests to uncover new segments. Speak to more potential customers.


Discover industry trends

Explore search trends across a variety of categories to inform your strategic planning decisions.


Deeper content insights

Better explore YouTube content and the key trends around what people around the world are watching.


Take action on your insights

Give your marketing insights impact by exporting them in slides and sheets, and discover audiences you can target directly in Google Ads

Grow your business with Insights Finder

  • A closeup of an Oreo cookie on a blue background.

    Oreo reaches key audiences to drive business growth

    100% YoY growth at a 5.2:1 ROI

  • An array of stuffed toys and wooden toys displayed in a line.

    Auchan personalises their toys campaign

    +21% Recall lift
    +10% favorability lift

  • A tabby cat looking upward, facing the camera.

    Petco uses insights tools to grow online

    +100% increase in their eCommerce business year over year

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  • We’ll design a media plan that makes the most of your budget
  • We’ll help you launch your first campaign with hands-on guidance
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