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How to make your products stand out to shoppers on Google Ads

January 1, 2023 Article
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Why do your products need to stand out online?

People are increasingly discovering, researching, and buying products online. With greater demand on the table, ensuring your products stand out on Search, YouTube and other digital touchpoints has never been more important. Ensuring visibility at the right moments with relevant shoppers along the path of purchase is key to generating leads and sales.

With greater demand on the table, ensuring your products stand out online has never been more important.

How can you make your products stand out online?

Whether you want to improve the online visibility of products available in your physical store or you’re looking to grow your e-commerce sales, Google Ads can help.

Here are five tips to help make your products stand out, improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, and generate more leads on Google Ads.

      1.   Showcase products on Search with Shopping ads

Shopping ads provide an easy way to showcase your products on Google Search. Appearing at the top of Search results, the format displays key information relevant to your product including picture, price, brand name, and certain product specifications such as colour, style, or size.

This means that any user who clicks on your ad is already aware of key product details, making them more likely to convert once they’re on your site.

      2.   Reach nearby users with local inventory ads

Ensuring your products are visible online can also help drive offline sales and in-store outcomes. Shoppers are increasingly using digital channels to find what they need in nearby shops, and local inventory ads are the perfect way to turn this demand into tangible sales in your physical stores.

You can use local inventory ads to create a virtual storefront with information on opening hours and directions, allowing you to connect directly with local shoppers in the market for products like yours. Robust analytics then help you see how your store and its products are landing with local customers online.

      3.   Build trust with seller rating extensions

Reviews and ratings allow shoppers to research your products and make informed purchase decisions.

By encouraging customers to review your company or products on Google or a supported reviews aggregator, you can turn positive feedback into a trust-building tool via the seller rating extension.

This automated extension is specially designed for advertisers with high ratings. It works by showcasing your average ranking out of five stars, your total number of reviews, and a qualifier as to why you’ve been rated so highly - whether that’s quality products, quick delivery times, or outstanding customer service.

The extension sits directly beneath your text ads, Shopping ads, or product listings on Search. This helps ensure that prospective customers know they’re buying from a retailer trusted by other shoppers.

      4.   Gain an edge with price competitiveness reports

As it’s easier than ever to compare prices online, advertisers that price competitively and dynamically can make their products stand out and drive sales. This works best when acting on insights from automated solutions.

The price competitiveness report uses machine learning to identify your most competitively priced products and - if you wish to do so - boost your bids on them.

Looking to further attract shoppers with special offers? Sale price annotations can help showcase your deals in a visual format, presenting the old price with a strikethrough and adding a "Sale" banner to your product image to make the benefit clear to customers.

      5.   Show up where it matters with Performance Max

Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows you to promote your products across the entire Google Network in a single automated campaign.

It complements your keyword-based Search campaigns by allowing you to easily advertise across all of Google’s channels, from YouTube to Display.

You can help by providing high-quality creative assets of your products, with machine-learning models determining the best combination of imagery, text, and placement to drive leads and sales.

A winning strategy for growth

These five solutions are just some of the ways in which Google Ads can help you ensure your products are standing out for shoppers.

Whichever tool or feature you opt for, you can start small, adopting a test-and-learn strategy before applying your chosen approach at scale to drive the most growth for your business.

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