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Kinetica Sports’ full-funnel campaign hits 267% increase in ROAS, with help from Google Ads.

March 20, 2023 Success story
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Success story

Kinetica Sports is an Ireland-based sports nutrition brand, dedicated to producing a wide range of high quality products ranging from whey protein and BCAA’s to energy and recovery powders. They work with world-renowned nutritionists and elite athletes to develop tasty performance products suitable for everyone from the Olympian to the everyday consumer.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in website traffic


improvement in CTR across their Search ads by working closely with Google Ads experts

“We’re exciting our audiences with rich, high-quality videos on YouTube and harnessing the ‘power of now’ through our ads on Search and Shopping.”

Michael Ryan, Digital Performance Manager, Kinetica Sports

Goals: Drive awareness, traffic, and sales

In June 2020, the brand was refreshed and relaunched to offer a more refined alternative within a crowded and competitive market. With a bold, new brand position and visual identity, Kinetica now needed to capture the eyes of new potential customers and drive as many sales as possible. To achieve this, they required an advertising solution that would help them connect with audiences as they research the right products for their nutritional needs.

“We think it’s important to be part of that conversation, or part of answering when consumers are engaged,” explains Michael, Digital Performance Manager at Kinetica. “As a brand, we want to show customers we’re aligned to their goals, then guide them to our website without the hard sell.”

The value of being able to reach shoppers who are showing high purchase intent was a clear winner for Kinetica, who worked in partnership with their Google Ads strategist to create the right campaign to achieve their goals.

“Our big challenge was knowing how to use digital to turn awareness into consideration, and then ultimately purchasing intent in the product,” explains Michael. “That’s when we decided to speak with the Google Ads strategist and consultant to get a helping hand.”

A plate of chocolate baked goods sits on a table, a blue container of Kinetica whey protein is in the background.

Approach: Making gains with Search, Shopping and YouTube ads

From day one, Google’s Ads strategists were on-hand to provide assistance with the setup of Kinetica’s first campaign, optimise it for success, and share cost-saving tips. Before long, a true partnership had developed, and the Kinetica team began rolling out their personalised strategy to meet their goals.

To drive website traffic and grow sales, Kinetica started with Google Search ads as a way to capture intent and reach customers when they’re ready to buy or learn more.

Testing was vital for knowing which keywords and ad structures performed best and, working with their Google Ad strategists and the Keyword Planner, Michael’s team discovered new words and phrases to include. “We weren’t aware that people were searching for some of these words,” Michael says. “It gave us a lot more of a foundation when it came to setting up our Google Search ads to drive people to the website in that moment.”

True to Kinetica’s own values, the Google Ads strategists continually supported the Kinetica team to challenge the e-commerce landscape, and reach their full potential. One of these recommendations was to try Shopping ads, which Michael believes was a significant addition to their media mix. The Shopping ads format was also another opportunity for Kinetica to promote their new visual identity. “It’s more visual than ads on Search, so consumers can see right away what they’re buying,” Michael explains. “We have strong branding, and Shopping ads help differentiate us from competitors.”

Results: More traffic, more sales, and continual improvement

Kinetica’s work is paying off with strong results. Traffic to their website has increased by over 600%, and working in partnership with the Google Ads team to continually improve their results has produced an 11x improvement of the CTR across their Search campaigns.

Thanks to the combination of high-quality products, a distinct visual identity, and a strong sense of teamwork and innovation across their campaigns, Kinetica have succeeded in building awareness and driving sales.

The numbers speak for themselves, as Kinetica have recorded a 267% increase in ROAS.

Despite the positive results so far, Michael and the team aren’t resting. They’re now trialing YouTube ads in order to reach audiences on new platforms, by repurposing their existing branded video content series I Have My Reasons into a suite of YouTube ads.

“Google has become such an integral part of the digital path to purchase for us,” says Michael. “We’re exciting our audiences with rich high-quality videos on YouTube — and we’re also harnessing the ‘power of now’ through our ads on Search and Shopping. Now we’re ready to build our digital presence further, and keep on optimising and learning throughout the process.”

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