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Grow My App with Google

Whether you’re launching a new app or looking to grow an existing one, this is your guide to mastering App campaigns.

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What are Google App campaigns?

Google App campaigns are an automated ad type in Google Ads designed to help advertisers drive awareness, installs, and in-app conversions.

Marketing an app has never been easier. Because AI is at the core of Google App campaigns, the hard work of optimizing your campaign and finding valuable users is done for you.

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Building a winning app

Apps are powerful tools to help businesses get new users and deepen relationships with existing ones, thanks to the seamless and engaging experiences they deliver.

Are you considering building an app? We’re here to help you create a winning one. By combining our unique global insights and proprietary Winning Apps research, we help you uncover the unique principles that lead users from discovering an app to becoming app superfans. Download our checklist to help you decide if an app is right for your business.

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The Google Ads logo is encircled by various icons, including the dollar sign, a fork and knife, airplane and heart

Meet the Growth Formula

Leading marketers are now using specific tactics and solutions to unlock more returns from their investments. We’ve packaged the key ingredients into a simplified recipe for you to apply across your campaigns.

Set objectives

Learn the basics of App campaigns and set objectives to ensure success.

Get ready

Implement robust tracking to measure your campaign’s impact accurately.

Take action

Craft compelling creative assets to get the most out of your campaign.

Evaluate & expand

Use valuable insights to assess, improve, and optimize your campaign assets and objectives.

Max growth

Acquire high-quality users with the Growth Formula.