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Identify the importance of tracking, and implement it into your campaign to accurately measure its impact.

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1. Understanding tracking methods

You can track application events using a measurement Software Development Kit (SDK). Embedding this software suite enables conversion tracking, allowing you to measure and gain insights into user interactions with your app.

Google Analytics for Firebase

Firebase is Google’s app software development kit (SDK) and analytics tool that allows app developers to measure conversions.

Whether you’re promoting Android or iOS mobile apps through Google Ads, Firebase conversion tracking allows you to assess the effectiveness of your ads in driving both app installs and in-app activity.

Find out more about Google Analytics for Firebase.

Google Play

You can use conversion data from Google Play, Google’s application directory, to see how effectively your ads lead to Android app installs and in-app activity. While it’s limited to Android-only actions, you can directly track performance within Google Play by connecting a third-party analytics tool or adding code to your app.

Find out more about Google Play tracking.

Third-party app tracking

You can import app conversion data from third-party analytics providers to track and measure mobile app conversions. Note that newly imported conversion actions only report after importing them into Google Ads, which applies to Google Ads and your third-party analytics provider.

Find out more about third-party app tracking.

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Top tip

Due to ATT iOS 14 policy, Google may not observe all installs or in-app actions from Google Ads iOS App Campaigns. When a subset of conversions can’t be tied to ad interactions, Google will use conversion modeling to model ad interactions with no observed conversion linkages.

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2. Learn more about Firebase

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3. How to integrate Firebase

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4. Useful resources

Here are some additional resources to help you get your campaign tracking right.

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