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Success story

Building a culture of connection

August 30, 2023 Success story
A video of Austra talking about how they used Google Ads to growth their business

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Success story

After experiencing major burnout in her corporate career, Stephanie Morimoto decided that her next chapter would prioritize balance, connection, and joy. This led her to a new role as CEO of wellness brand Asutra. Stephanie is on a mission to make self-care more accessible and foster a culture of connection for her entire team.


Return on ad spend from Search campaigns


Google AI has helped Austra increase their return on ad spend by 50%


Increase in revenue from Performance Max campaigns

Raising brand awareness with Google Ads

As a small business competing against dozens of brands in the $4.3 trillion health and wellness industry, Asutra needed to raise awareness about its products and increase website sales. “Getting our name out there and making people aware of the solutions that Asutra provides is absolutely critical,” Stephanie says. So in 2018, Asutra began using Google Ads to grow brand awareness and increase sales.

“Search ads have been really helpful in customer discovery and acquisition. People are looking for different solutions on Google Search and because of the ads we run, they’re able to find Asutra as a key solution to their needs. Search campaigns also allowed us to successfully retarget shoppers.”

Stephanie Morimoto, Owner & CEO, Asutra

Meeting market demands

After joining the Asutra team, Stephanie began conducting market research to understand and meet customer needs. She discovered an influx of online searches for magnesium using Google Keyword Planner. As a result, she added magnesium-rich lotions, sprays, and body butters to the Asutra collection.

Using those insights, the team creates Shopping and Search ads for keywords like ‘topical magnesium’ to increase conversion rates and return on ad spend. “We can understand what people are looking for and we can better serve them ads that show that Asutra is the solution they’ve been looking for,” Stephanie says.

Asutra team sitting around a table

With the help of Google Ads campaigns, Asutra went from having no website visits in 2018 to over 300K clicks in 2022, contributing to over six figures of revenue through their Google Ads campaigns alone. “These ads have helped us increase our Google-generated revenue by 75% in three years,” Stephanie says. “We consistently see a ROAS of over two, and during holiday peak sales times we see a ROAS that’s consistently higher. No other ad platform has been able to get us the return that Google Ads has.”

AI-powered tools for success

Asutra first implemented Performance Max campaigns in 2021. These campaigns utilize all of Google Ads inventory from a single campaign and helped Asutra increase their ROAS.. “AI-powered ad solutions like Performance Max help us better reach people who are looking for solutions like Asutra across Google channels,” Stephanie says.

The Asutra Scrub the day away cream with orange packaging.

In 2022, using Performance Max campaigns led to an 84% increase in return on ad spend and a 27% increase in click through rate.

Expanding into America’s biggest retailers

After building a strong online business with the help of Google Ads, Asutra is now working with some of the largest retailers in America, “In just three years, we grew from having no brick and mortar presence to existing in 6,300 stores,” Stephanie says.

As Asutra scales, they plan to continue using Google tools to reach an even wider audience. “We’re a small company but we have mighty ambitions,” Stephanie says. “Through the variety of Google tools, we’re able to prioritize what we should do next so we can get the most from start to finish, from pre-concept on a product to all the way through to sales.”

Information and metrics used in this case study were factually accurate at the time of publishing. Actual results will vary by advertiser.

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