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5 ways to create better ad copy by utilizing AI

January 1, 2023 Article
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Well-crafted advertising copy has long been an important tool in attracting consumer attention — and it’s no different with digital marketing. By working in tandem with AI-powered solutions, marketers can create relevant text-based ads that generate more conversions. Practice these four tips for copy that stands out.

Ensure relevancy on Search with keywords

Keywords are words or phrases describing your product or service that help determine when and where your ads can appear on Search and YouTube.

Try to include at least one of your keywords in each of your headlines and descriptions to keep your messaging relevant to what people are looking for online. For example, if one of your keywords is “running shoes”, your ad headline might be ”Shop running shoes”.

Alternatively, you can set up keyword insertion, which automatically inserts a keyword into your ad copy based on a user’s search query. It’s a simple way to improve the relevance of your ads without having to input numerous copy options.

Highlight your unique selling points with assets like sitelinks, callouts, and images

Assets like sitelinks and callouts are a great way to surface additional, helpful content at the right time to the right users across Google platforms — increasing the visibility of your ads in the process. Once you’ve set them up, machine learning technology selects which assets to show in response to specific user queries.

If you have unique selling points, you should consider backing up your text with image assets. From product shots to lifestyle visuals, Google Ads algorithmically decides the best combination of your images to show with your headlines and descriptions, helping you land important messages with prospective customers.

Refine your CTAs to reach more customers

In order to drive consumer actions that add value to your business, all your ads should feature at least one well-considered call to action (CTA).

Don’t expect prospective customers to do something unless you specifically encourage them to take action, whether that’s “Sign up”, “Buy it now”, or “Get a quote today”.

Assets like lead forms can help here, too, matching user Search queries with different CTAs — such as encouraging users to fill out a form.

Adopt a test and learn culture

Whether it’s a headline or a CTA, testing different copy variations can help you determine what messages work best with consumers and improve the long-term performance of your campaigns.

AI-powered solutions mean this can be done at speed and scale, but you still need to provide the algorithm with good copy to work with.

With Performance Max campaigns, the more text or imagery you put in, the more combinations it can test and the greater the optimisation. Use ad variations to create and test different versions of your ads across multiple campaigns to see what messaging chimes with users.

Ad Strength provides forward-looking feedback to help you see where you can make your copy more effective, from your use of keywords to the uniqueness of your headlines and descriptions.

Performance Max

A goal-based solution that allows you to advertise across all Google channels, such as YouTube and Search, in a single AI-powered campaign.

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Getting a competitive edge with great copy

AI has made speed of output and insights available to all. But with more people using it, human inputs like copywriting can be an important differentiator for advertisers.

By combining your expert knowledge of your product and customers with AI’s ability to scale and optimise, it’s never been easier to create relevant copy in your ads.

Using the tools and features listed above in tandem with human creativity, advertisers can land the messages that matter and generate more conversions.

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