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Drive ad performance in a privacy-first world

Higher expectations for privacy are changing the way marketers reach their audiences and measure results. This is a guide to measuring and driving ad performance with the right strategy and solutions, all with privacy in mind.

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Making ads useful, relevant, and more secure

At Google, our goal is to enable an ad-supported, open internet that creates opportunities for businesses to grow, while respecting people’s preferences for privacy. That’s why we approach our products, programs, and partnerships with a long-term privacy lens that’s focused on adapting to a changing, complex environment.

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The changing digital ads ecosystem

  • Consumer expectations

    People want to be in control of their data and expect it to stay secure, private, and unexploited.

  • Regulations

    Lawmakers around the world are putting comprehensive data privacy laws in place to give control to internet users and to protect user data.

  • Platform changes

    Browsers and mobile operating systems like iOS and Android are shifting away from tracking people across sites and apps by restricting third-party cookies and identifiers.

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85% of Australian Internet users surveyed agree that their online privacy is important to them.

Source: Google/IPSOS, APAC Consumer Expectations: Understanding Data Privacy Ethics for Effective Marketing, Australia, n=1500, Internet users, January-March 2022

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Build your privacy-first Google Ads strategy

Taking steps to be privacy-ready can be daunting. Google is here to help you continue to drive advertising performance while protecting people’s privacy. With the right strategy and privacy-preserving technologies in place, you can continue to reach customers with relevant ads and measure the results – even when relying less on third-party cookies.