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Make informed marketing decisions when working with Google Ads and an App Attribution Partner. We’re here to give you a consistent and seamless understanding of your app’s campaign performance.

App Attribution Partners
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Get up and running in just a few simple steps with new improvements to drastically cut down partner integration time.

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Understand the actions that are most valuable for your business with easier-than-ever conversion setup.

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Experience early access to beta tests and Google’s latest app measurement features as soon as they're available.

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The App Attribution Partner badge lets you know that you're working with a company committed to providing you with access to best-in-class reporting for your campaigns.

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To learn more about how these changes affect your Google Ads account, check out the Google Help Center.

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Firebase is a mobile app platform made up of complementary features that work together to help you gain insight into your user base, create and analyze specific audiences, and send notifications or create customized content for those audiences.

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“The Google Ads / 3rd Party conversion tracking beta has helped us speed up the creation of new campaigns and track them more accurately. Additionally, we now have more granularity and data that we did not have before, as we can see a breakout of installs by network within our App campaigns. We're excited to see Google continue to push forward more accurate tracking with 3P partners, allowing us to scale more efficiently."

David Rose
Director of Marketing, Pocket Gems

“Data accuracy is one of the core things that we care about at The new integration with Google Ads and our attribution provider helps us to measure campaigns consistently and now only takes two simple steps to set up. The App Attribution Partner program with Google is a very good way to standardize advertising data and measurement in the mobile apps ecosystem.”

Abdelaziz Mohammed
Regional Head of Digital marketing,

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