Here are a few online marketing terms to know, and what they mean.


This is how much you’re willing to spend each time a potential customer clicks your ad or calls you.


The total number of calls you’ve had from people seeing and interacting with your ad, if you enable users to call your business directly from the ad.


These are the search terms or phrases that trigger your ads to appear in the results. Advertisers bid against each other, and ads are ranked based on how high you bid and how relevant your ad is, among other factors.

Organic results

These are results not paid for by advertisers.

Paid results

These are results that advertisers pay to show whenever a user runs a search containing certain words or phrases (known as ‘keywords’).

Product or service

When first setting up your campaign, the type of products or services you offer will influence the keywords—or search phrases—that will trigger your ad to appear.

Targeted location

These are the towns, cities or countries your ads will appear.

Traditional advertising

These are “non-digital” placements, like newspapers, radio, TV, or billboards.


The total number of times people have been to your website or app as a result of clicking your ad.

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