Short on time? Get started with a short set of lessons that will set you on the right path.

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Understanding your account structure

Identify what campaigns, ad groups, and keywords work best to design the most effective account structure for your business.

Introduction to keywords

Learn to identify the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that will connect you with the right customers, at the right time.

The basics of creating successful ads

See how engaging text ads can make all the difference in driving customers to your business.

Using ad extensions

Drive engagement by encouraging people to take action directly from your ads.

Understand and improve your Quality Score

Improve your Quality Score within the Google Ads auction system, so your ads show up higher on the page.

The basics of bidding

Pick the right bidding strategy to maximize your return within your existing budget.

Creating mobile-ready landing pages

Learn how to get customers on your site and keep them there with fast, mobile-friendly landing pages.

Understanding your customers, Part 2

Identify your business’ customers, engage with them in ways that matter, and effectively re-engage them over time with Google Ads audience solutions.

The basics of Display ads

Increase demand for your product and raise awareness worldwide with the Google Display Network, our vast contextual advertising network.

Understanding Video ads

Bring the story of your business to life with YouTube Video Ads.

Selling products in Google Ads

Make the world your storefront by selling your products directly within Google search results.

Understanding attribution

With conversion tracking and the right attribution model, you can better understand your customer’s entire search journey and invest in the interactions that matter most.

Automated bidding

Invest in the interactions that matter most by better understanding customer journeys.