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Jerome’s Furniture Uses Google Ads Store Visits

May 2016


Committed to helping families turn their houses into homes since 1954, Jerome's Furniture is a local family-owned retailer with 12 stores in Southern California. A Google Ads customer since 2000, Jerome's has used shopping ads, location extensions, and local inventory ads to help potential customers discover what's available at a showroom nearby.

While Jerome's enjoyed reliable sales via both its website and retail locations, the furniture retailer knew most customers make the final purchase decision in-person at a store. To better understand how its Search ads were influencing store traffic, the company started to include Google Ads store visits into their overall measurement in May 2015.

  • Increase online and in-store sales
  • Improve return-on-investment (ROI) from online ads by measuring online and offline conversions
  • Understand the impact of Search ads to the bottom line
  • Implemented Google Ads store visits to see how Search ads influenced in-store traffic
  • 93% increase in conversions
  • 6% decrease in cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • 4-6% of clicks on search ads lead to an in-store visit within 30 days

“Our customers are busy families, and we need to reach them while they're on the move and make it easy for them to find nearby stores. Customers now come into our showrooms with their smartphones, asking to see a sofa they first discovered through our Local Inventory Ads.”

– Scott Perry, Vice President Digital at Jerome's Furniture

The impact of digital marketing

Businesses that rely on visits to physical locations—like hotels, auto dealerships, and retail stores—can use Google Ads store visits to help see which search keywords and campaigns drive the most store traffic. This helps advertisers like Jerome’s better understand their return on investment (ROI), so they can make informed decisions about ad creative, budgets, bids, and overall marketing strategy.

After implementing store visits, Jerome's saw a 44% decrease in its cost-per-acquisition because each Google Ads click led to many more sales. The changes were so successful that the company was able to increase its investment in mobile Search by 82%, drive a staggering 93% increase in sales, and launch two more storefronts to keep up with demand. With the true impact of its online campaigns revealed through store visits metrics, Jerome's will continue to adapt its digital marketing strategy to gain even better returns from both online and in-store conversions.

“Using Google’s store visits measurement has fundamentally changed how we view our partnership with Google and improved Google Ads' overall impact on our business for the better.”

– Scott Perry, Vice President Digital at Jerome's Furniture

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