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TripAdvisor attracts savvy travelers with price extensions

January 2018


Looking to reach travelers interested in finding the right hotel for them, TripAdvisor used price extensions to show hotel rates in its ads.

TripAdvisor, a popular travel site, helps travelers make the most of every trip with more than 570 million reviews and opinions. In addition, the brand compares prices from more than 200 hotel booking sites, helping people find the lowest price on the hotel that's right for them.



increase in conversions


increase in click-through rate (CTR)


  • TripAdvisor wanted to raise awareness for its hotel price comparison features.
  • Looking to attract new, qualified customers, the brand needed an efficient way to showcase hotel prices.
  • The brand also wanted to improve cost efficiency for its search campaigns.


  • TripAdvisor used price extensions to help travelers compare hotel prices within its ads—all without changing its existing ad copy.
  • The brand was then able to show travelers relevant price information when they searched for a hotel.
  • The brand also used A/B testing to measure how its ads performed with and without price extensions.
  • After seeing a 10% lift in conversions with price extensions, TripAdvisor added them to all applicable campaigns in all available markets.

“With price extensions, we can make our ads stand out while also promoting our hotel price comparison feature. This is a great way to show our users that TripAdvisor can help them find the lowest price on the hotel that’s right for them.”

– Julie Hong, Director of Technical Product, SEM at TripAdvisor

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