Manage large accounts more efficiently

The Google Ads API (formerly AdWords API) helps you and your developers create applications that can automatically download reports and make changes to your accounts at scale.

Start using the API

How the API works

Use the Google Ads API to automate manual tasks, save time, and quickly reach your goals.

Automatically make improvements 
to your Google Ads accounts at scale

Build applications to automate your account management, build custom reporting, and change ad copy in real time based on your business data.

Integrate Google Ads data with other systems

Automatically manage campaigns based on inventory, or build a customized interface on your platform that your customers can use to create and manage their own Google ads.

Work together with your engineering team

The API requires dedicated support from a developer or programmer to set up and maintain.

See real results in action

These companies use the Google Ads API to improve their performance and efficiency.

Manage large accounts more efficiently with the Google Ads API

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