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Google Ads does the heavy lifting for global fitness brand

  • Grow sales during Black Friday, Christmas and the new year fitness season.
  • Increase market share by targeting previous website visitors and new potential customers.
  • Shopping ads.
  • Display remarketing ads.
  • Audience targeting and Smart bidding.
  • 135% increase in sales.
  • Conversion rate is up 11%.
  • 1000% return on ad spend.

About the company


The business started life in London

3 stores

In London, Dubai and Hong Kong


Google Ads Revenue over Black Friday weekend

About the goals

WIT Fitness is on a mission to make fitness and training the biggest global sporting category. After opening its first store in London (with no branding and, intriguingly, underground) the business has since gone on to open stores in Asia and the Middle East.

After a successful first half to 2017 using organic channels, WIT’s marketing team turned their attention to paid channels in a bid to boost sales heading into a critical time of year.

“As a stockist for major brands alongside our own products, we also wanted to find a way to get more sales from people on the lookout for heavily searched-for terms,” adds Ryan Macfarlane, Head of Digital at WIT Fitness. “This was especially so during Black Friday, the build up to Christmas and the annual fitness spike each January,” he adds.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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“Google has allowed us to access a much wider audience while still focusing on our core consumer. Using strategic ads we have seen over 50% revenue growth Year on Year on our digital platform. It has also massively improved our brand presence shown by our increase in traffic and we hope to improve that even more with our introduction of YouTube.”

- Sam Kitching, Owner and Co-founder, WIT Fitness


Working with Google’s Accelerated Growth Team, WIT Fitness launched Google ad campaigns across four countries. As things progressed, the business also applied smart bidding features like target ROAS—which meant they could place bids based on a certain return on ad spend they were looking to achieve.

step 1

First, they created a Merchant Centre account and uploaded their products.

They then launched a Shopping campaign to drive sales alongside their Text Search ads for a range of popular and visually appealing products.

step 2

The team also launched Dynamic remarketing ads to connect previous website visitors with products they’d added to their cart, but not actually purchased.

step 3

Audience targeting features such as ‘Similar Audiences’ were used.

This ensured their ads reached more qualified potential customers whose interests matched key customers and site users.



Increase in sales from Google Ads


Growth in online sales


Increased conversion rate

Increasing the conversion rate while maintaining return on ad spend means WIT Fitness can make more use of smart bidding features (such as target ROAS) and keep getting the results they need. “We’re really pleased with everything we’ve achieved so far,” says WIT Fitness Head of Marketing, Mackenzie Bloom. “We’ve also just launched our own YouTube channel. Google’s Accelerated Growth Team have definitely gone the extra mile for us,” she adds.

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