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VAVAVOOM enjoys huge ROAS increases with TrueView for Action

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VAVAVOOM enjoys huge ROAS increases with TrueView for Action

  • Generate sales in a highly competitive market.
  • Drive a 10:1 return on ad spend.
  • Increase viewer engagement, leading to conversions.
  • YouTube-based approach, deploying TrueView for Action (incl. tCPA bidding).
  • Formats also included TrueView for shopping and TrueView with location extensions.
  • Used custom intent audiences and in-marketing activity.
  • 1409% ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • 304,517 Interactions over eleven weeks.
  • 120 Countries available for delivery.

“Using the new TrueView for Action Video campaign type, we drove a substantial amount of sales with an impressive ROAS.”

- Patrick King, Director, VAVAVOOM

About the company


Countries available for delivery.

About the goals

Whether you’re heading off to a festival this summer, attending a wedding or just going for a quiet night out, fashion retailer VAVAVOOM aims to provide quality clothing for any occasion. Delivering to customers in 120 different countries around the world, VAVAVOOM operates a fun, laid back shopping experience. But, within a highly competitive market, VAVAVOOM wanted to generate sales revenue with a marketing return on ad spend of 10:1.


To achieve this revenue goal, VAVAVOOM selected We Influence to be their digital marketing partner, a company who specialise in search marketing and conversion rate optimisation. With the 10:1 return in mind, We Influence began an approach orientated around YouTube, specifically implementing TrueView for Action alongside custom intent audiences and in-market targeting. This helped VAVAVOOM to increase viewer engagement and produced conversions.

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Interactions over eleven weeks

With TrueView for Action, VAVAVOOM have managed to surpass the ROAS goals they set. Over an eleven week period, VAVAVOOM have reported 304 517 interactions resulting in a ROAS of 1409%, easily exceeding their initial targets. VAVAVOOM’s approach demonstrates that YouTube video campaigns can deliver a direct, positive return on investment for advertisers.

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