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Success in just 7 months: How samedi generated 85% more conversions with Google Ads

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Success in just 7 months: How samedi generated 85% more conversions with Google Ads

  • Strengthen online presence and reach
  • Improve reach to target groups
  • Increase lead quality and customer acquisition
  • Switch from static to dynamic search ads
  • Subject-specific target groups
  • Updated ads placement to relevant decision-making media
  • 28% Click-Through Rate
  • 85% Conversion rate
  • 50% CPA reduction

“Since we introduced Google, our lead conversion has increased by at least 50 per cent, sometimes even 85 per cent. We’ve been using Google for 7 months now, and it’s already brought long-term results.”

- Markus Dubrau, Performance Marketing Manager, samedi

About the company


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56 million

appointments booked via their products

Smart software solutions for medical practices, clinics and patients

samedi is an e-health company whose software products are designed to help doctors, clinics and insurance companies digitise processes in the healthcare sector. Some of the services they offer include efficient resource planning, process control and online appointment bookings.

Currently, more than 30,000 doctors use samedi to digitally manage 20 million patients across 8,900 health care facilities. All processes and procedures are either centrally recorded and managed in an online calendar, or transferred directly to the clinic or doctor’s information system.

As a business, samedi’s mission is to support the relationship between doctors and patients through digital offerings, with the aim of making healthcare treatment between all parties involved simple, safe and efficient. As part of their ongoing commitment to supporting the healthcare industry, samedi has made its software available to German vaccination centres, clinics and general practitioners to help combat the Covid pandemic. samedi’s video consultation tool was also offered free of charge to doctors, allowing them to stay in contact with their patients during quarantine periods.

To help continue their growth, samedi recognised the need for a wider reach within a specialised sector to attract more customers. They needed to be able to build awareness within their target audience of healthcare sector decision-makers, and drive consideration of samedi’s products by showing the right messages at the right time. To achieve this, samedi turned to Google Ads, which has since become an essential tool, alongside their other marketing channels.

Specific targeting and clever use of ad placements lead to success

Simple campaign optimisations, such as introducing Dynamic Search ads, brought the first successes for samedi – which saw their click through rate rise from 2.3% to 28%.

“This is a good example of how Google Ads’ Machine Learning understands relevance, and is able to personalise our ads to our end user”, explains Markus Dubrau, Performance Marketing Manager at samedi. “Our cost per acquisition reduced by up to 50% through this alone”.

With the help of their Google Ads strategist, the next step was to reach samedi’s target groups more effectively and efficiently on the right platforms. "Google is very effective at targeting specific audiences,” says Markus. “The placement and audience features are very helpful, as they allow us to serve specific ads on decision-making media that then directly offer added value for our potential customers – which helped increase the click through rate even more."

In addition, other audience filters such as user age can be used to exclude less relevant groups - a 16-year-old aspiring medic isn’t likely to be leading a clinic just yet.

Working closely with a Google Ads strategist who could help continuously improve their campaigns has been particularly helpful for Markus, too. "We always have someone we can speak to, and we have a new contact person every quarter or half-year. That means that we always have new eyes on our advertising account and always get to hear new good ideas."

Successes that can be seen

Thanks to targeted optimisation and collaboration with the Google Ads team, samedi’s expectations were exceeded after only 7 months.

Improving their targeting and Increasing their online reach to relevant users and platforms has helped samedi bring in valuable new leads, with 85% more conversions during peak months. Throughout their campaign, they’ve been able to reduce their costs by 50% and increase their click-through rate to 28%.

The results speak for themselves and Markus is looking forward to the future. "I wouldn’t have thought that Google Ads would make such a big difference,” says Markus. ”It’s been a really great result". For samedi, they continue to scale the business – this is only the beginning of their success story with Google Ads.

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