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Sale Flooring Direct effectively combine features to maximise success

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Sale Flooring Direct effectively combine features to maximise success

  • Continue the company’s growth and increase revenue.
  • Widen the business’s audience to include agencies and resellers.
  • Improve conversion rates and streamline ad spend.
  • Partnered with Loud Mouth Media, a Google Premier Partner.
  • Implementation of Similar Audiences, to access previously untapped clients.
  • Strategic focus on people that had already expressed an interest in their services.
  • 60% reduction in cost per acquisition.
  • 87% increase in overall site revenue.
  • 433% revenue increase from Ads campaign.

“Since Loud Mouth Media have taken over our account we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of revenue and visibility in our market.”

- Chris Gallagher, E-commerce Manager, Sale Flooring Direct

About the company


Sale Flooring Direct was founded.


Starting price for flooring from various brands.

About the goals

Working in conjunction with their Google Premier Partner, Sale Flooring Direct devised a plan to expand their services, incorporating agencies and resellers alike. To reach these previously untapped clients, they implemented Similar Audiences. This approach was geared towards targeting an audience that had already expressed interest in their services, strategically focusing on specific possible clients for maximum efficiency.


Loud Mouth earned their status as a Premier level Google Partner after helping clients generate results by making the most of their advertising budgets. By systematically employing Dynamic Search Ads towards potential valuable users, Loud Mouth improved conversion rates in a more efficient use of Sale Flooring’s ad spend. Loud Mouth helped to refine their strategy, correctly implementing different marketing tools to fully utilise their advertising budget.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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Reduction in cost per acquisition


Increase in overall site revenue


Revenue increase from Ads campaign

With Loud Mouth’s strategic guidance and best-in-class execution, Sale Flooring Direct managed to reduce their cost per acquisition by 60% whilst simultaneously increasing their overall site revenue by 87%. In turn, revenue from the Ads campaign rose to 433% due to their product usage. By combining features like Similar Audiences to find new customers and DSAs to capture long tail keywords; they were able achieve the growth, audience and revenue increases they were looking for.

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