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Putting pedal to metal: how Smart Display campaigns are driving customers to this car selling comparison site

  • Capture the attention of car sellers overwhelmed by different options.
  • Implemented automated bidding to scale up quickly
  • Utilised customer Insights to create effective ad messaging .
  • 119% Search campaign growth through Google in 2018 v 2017.
  • 3% Reduction in CPA on Display campaigns in 2018.
  • £11 Million raised in Series-A funding in 2019.

“The quality of business gained via Smart Display is far higher than we can achieve via less data-driven display options. It’s the perfect Google solution for us.”

- Alex Buttle, Co-founder, Motorway

About the company

2017 was created.




Offices across London, Brighton and overseas.

About the goals

A drive to simplify the admin-heavy task of selling a vehicle online inspired the launch of in 2017. With so many routes to consider for car sellers, from private sales to car dealerships, the company was determined to break into this gridlocked marketplace and streamline the process, changing the industry from the inside out. Their challenge was to capture the attention of car sellers already overwhelmed by different options.


After building a platform filled with time-saving features that make Motorway a unique offering, all that remained was to grab potential users’ attention. Google Ads’ Smart Display campaigns proved a perfect fit. Motorway was able to use all the insights they had previously gathered about their customers and what constitutes effective ad messaging, then used automated bidding to scale up at speed. Within hours, they had high-quality leads coming through.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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Search campaign growth through Google in 2018 v 2017


Reduction in CPA on Display campaigns in 2018


Raised in Series-A funding in 2019

Smart Display has proved the perfect tool for Motorway – it’s the well-tuned engine under the bonnet that powers the company’s success. Rapidly scalable and transparent, it has kept the business in control of their ad messaging and allowed for quick and easy creative optimisation. The team found it worked out more cost-effective per lead than their previous campaigns, whilst also delivering better quality customers. Year-on-year from 2017 to 2018, display campaigns were 172% more successful, with CPA actually decreasing by 3%.

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