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How MBER finds and connects with their core audience to ensure a full restaurant and happy diners

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How MBER finds and connects with their core audience to ensure a full restaurant and happy diners

  • Attract diners living and working near the venue
  • Identify key demographics in the area
  • Increase the revenue generated from their advertising
  • Used Google Analytics data to focus Ads on potential diners within a mile radius.
  • Harnessed Smart Bidding to find new keywords and help profile customers.
  • Leveraged automated Bidding to free up time for management team to focus on strategy, rather than manually managing their campaigns.
  • Tenfold increase in monthly bookings, from 40 to 400
  • Advertising spend per booking fell from £40 to £12
  • Rise in monthly diners, from 1,200 to 3,000

“We were running at about 30% capacity, then we switched strategies and saw a tremendous amount of footfall.”

- Rick Boggia, General Manager, MBER

About the company




private dining rooms


dishes on the menu

About the goals

General Manager Rick says the key goals were “to build a talked-about destination point for London. A unique restaurant and dining experience created by a carefully developed team.” He and owner Rob hired renowned designer Ross McNally to create the interior, developed a bespoke pan-Asian menu and built a talented team that still boasts an attrition rate of 10% – something almost unheard of in the hospitality sector. Then they handed over to a PR team.

Unfortunately, initial results were unimpressive. The restaurant was “running at about 30% capacity” and, despite hiring experienced photographers and videographers, engagement online and on social media was low. Cost per booking was stalling at £40. So MBER sought digital agency jellyfish to help them target their local market and improve on their ROI.

About the investment

MBER used Google to develop an audience-focused approach. Using insights from Google Analytics, they developed a Google Ads strategy that used granular location targeting to reach potential diners within a mile radius of the restaurant. They also narrowed their focus to more relevant search queries, and tailored their ad copy to the location, activity and intent of the search to improve booking rates.

On top of their audience strategy, MBER used Google Smart Bidding to automatically identify and bid on the most efficient keywords and customer profiles. This freed the team to spend more time on the business.

They then used Google Analytics and the restaurant’s new Google My Business page to find out more about their customers and improve their campaigns. This fits the MBER approach, based on experimentation and thorough analysis of the results. Or, as Rick puts it, “one thing we’ve always done here is work with anyone, any platform, to see what works.”

What are location extensions?

Location extensions encourage people to visit your business. Extensions can help people find your locations by showing your ads with your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business.

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40 to 400

monthly bookings due to tenfold increase

£40 to £12

in reduced advertising spend per booking

1,200 to 3,000

rise in monthly diners

Targeting local diners, and particularly local businesses, had an immediate impact. MBER saw monthly bookings jump from 40 to 400. Better still, this success didn’t come at a cost: it came at a saving. 133% more people were clicking on their ads, cutting the Cost Per Click (CPC) from £2.14 to £0.86 and the overall cost for each new booking from £40 to £12.

But it’s not just the numbers that improved. The campaign also uncovered valuable audience insights. As Rick says, “it's really helped us understand that our diners during the day are middle-to-top-tier management, of which about 90% are senior level ... so we got to know exactly where our core business is coming from”.

Unsurprisingly, these results have inspired MBER to increase their spend on Google search. And MBER will keep experimenting with new Google tools to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors in the challenging London restaurant scene.

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