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Linden Homes raises market position with Google’s Responsive Search and Responsive Display Ads

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Linden Homes raises market position with Google’s Responsive Search and Responsive Display Ads

  • Improve performance and ensure year-on-year growth
  • Maximise conversions
  • Smart Bidding – Target Cost per Acquisition
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • 45% increase in online conversions
  • 51% increase in conversions from search
  • 13% decrease in cost per acquisition

“By adopting the latest technologies, we’ve been able to reduce our cost per lead to gain quality conversions without obliterating our budget. The agile and proactive approach of Smart campaigns has made a real difference in such a competitive marketplace.”

- Vicky Cullen, Head of Marketing, Linden Homes

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About the goals

In an intensely competitive property market, it takes a strong online presence to generate leads. Top UK house-builder Linden Homes had this in mind when adopting Google Smart Solutions to achieve two main goals. The first was to maximise conversions without increasing the average CPA (cost per acquisition) and the second was long-term success, with overall year-on-year growth.

Before looking into Google Smart Solutions, Linden Homes had a fairly traditional approach to advertising, focusing on the quantity of traffic coming to their site as a performance indicator. Having enlisted the expertise of media agency Space & Time, Linden Homes realised the best way to reach their goals was to switch focus towards site visitors who are more likely to convert.


Linden Homes took a two-pronged approach to Smart Solutions using a combination of Smart Bidding and Smart Creatives.

Using a Smart Bidding: Target CPA campaign, Linden Homes could take information from its previous advertising and combine it with live data on what potential customers are currently looking at. By using data that has performed well before and showing ads that fit the website context they’re displayed on, the likelihood of conversion is increased. This also helps to keep the cost per acquisition low by reducing the chance of Linden Homes bidding on ads that are unlikely to reach the right audience.

Space & Time observed that Linden Homes gets the majority of its conversions from two sources – lead generation forms and phone calls to its regional sales offices. Google’s Smart Bidding was able to recognise this and began optimising ads towards customers who were most likely to generate these types of leads.

The second part of Linden Homes’ strategy involved replacing static display banners with Smart Creatives, which use machine learning to generate an infinite number of visual ads that can be tailored to each customer. Responsive Display Ads were used to draw upon a pool of its own images, headlines, logos and descriptions to build new banners for each potential ad space. Combining this with Responsive Search Ads meant they could use and test different text combinations to discover which performed best with each audience.

While static display ads have size restrictions, Smart Creatives can be generated to fit any advertising space. This approach allowed Linden Homes to save on creative spend while increasing the number of Google Display Network (GDN) websites their ads could appear on.

How are responsive display ads created?

To create a responsive display ad, upload your assets (images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions), and Google will automatically generate ads to be shown on the Google Display Network.

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increase in online conversions


increase in conversions from search


decrease in cost per acquisition

Linden Homes previously had a 90-day conversion window in place, which made it difficult to see whether a particular ad set had an impact on sales figures. Reducing this window to 30 days at the start of the Google Smart Ads campaign put Linden Homes in a better position to measure its results.

The Smart campaign saw online conversions rise by 45%, with a 51% increase from search alone. This was combined with a 56% drop in cost per click, which reduced spending. The ability of Google Smart Solutions to generate, and then monitor, savings like this encouraged Linden Homes to reinvest – and increase its overall advertising spend by 27%.

The use of Responsive Display Ads saw Linden Homes appearing more on mobile display – ads which also have a much lower cost per click. And, despite fewer people clicking through, there was an increase in leads and conversions through GDN campaigns.

As for year-on-year growth, Linden Homes has already seen a massive boost in performance that can be put down to its adoption of Google Smart Solutions. The automation of bids and creative assets has also lowered costs – and the Space & Time team now has more time to analyse data and discover new opportunities.

Benjamin Ladbrook, PPC Team Manager for Space & Time says “our clients’ fully trust our ability to pivot and adapt to the latest strategies, so they’re happy to come along with us on the journey. Linden Homes were one of these early adopters who helped prove the concept of success with automation. As a result of adopting Smart Solutions we have managed to streamline the way we manage campaigns to not only improve performance but also provide our clients a better service based on an experience of strategic partnership.”

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