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Read how YouTube Ads contributed towards delivering a 450% increase in sales

  • Raise awareness of their product range.
  • Drive more traffic to their website.
  • Show potential customers why the technology is genuinely better.
  • £10 return for every £1 invested
  • 450% increase in sales.
  • Over 1 million ad views so far.
  • £60,000 sales in the last 30 days.

About the company


The business was started by CEO, Davies Roberts.


Secured £2.25m in crowdfunding.


YouTube ad views so far.

About the goals

Flare Audio started life in 2010 after founder (and music lover), Davies Roberts, became frustrated with the distortion and lack of clarity delivered by even the most expensive loudspeakers and headphones. It spurred him on to completely redesign the technology—and offer people something better.

Yet despite creating and launching a superior, critically-acclaimed, product, Flare needed a way to grow brand awareness and get the ground-breaking technology into people’s hands (and ears).

The business also needed to drive more traffic to their website—so people could browse the products and buy them. “For an innovative brand where people don’t yet understand the technology, you have to make it both desirable, attractive and show how the technologically is better,” says Roberts.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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“What really works for us is investing £200 a day and seeing over £2,000 back in sales. We’ve invested £7,500 in the last 30 days and seen sales of nearly £60,000. That’s incredible for any platform.”

- Davies Roberts, founder and CEO, Flare Audio


Working closely with Google, Flare created a range of campaigns designed to hit each specific goal.

step 1

YouTube videos

The first was a set of YouTube videos which, says Roberts, helped get people interested in the technology and follow the brand. “With YouTube, you see the engagement people have with the ad and all the positive comments around it. That’s going to help build our brand long term,” he adds.

step 2

Google Ads campaign

Flare also ran a Google Ads campaign. “Carefully placed ads and marketing in a strategic way was important to us,” explains Roberts.

step 3

Google Ads reporting

At their peak, the campaigns were seeing a £200 daily investment from Flare—with Google Ads’ reporting allowing the business to see exactly how each penny was performing. “The reporting is very informative, and you can see how much you’re making and how you’re doing it,” says Roberts.



Rise in sales.


Sales in the last 30 days.


ROI on Google Ads

All in all, the campaigns have been a massive success. YouTube helped engage the right kind of people, then Google Ads worked by driving subsequent sales in a cost-effective way. Together, that means more people than ever are discovering the brand, loving the products, and buying them.

“Google’s advertising platform is incredible. It’s very, very stable and drives amazing efficiency. Every single day it’s delivering consistent sales for us. We’ve achieved growth of 450% and YouTube’s been a major part of that success,” concludes Roberts.

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