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Digital training brand gets full marks for its US expansion

  • Surpass previous success by using organic and paid search.
  • Acquire new users within the US market.
  • Stay ahead of competitors and maximise return on investment.
  • Implementation of Smart Display.
  • Multiple formats optimised in real time for audience and devices.
  • Target CPA to optimise bids and maximise conversions.
  • 59% website traffic increase YoY.
  • 15% revenue uplift YoY.
  • 189% growth in US conversions.

“Google’s various ad formats delivered enormous success in optimising our account. They allowed us to scale strategically in existing and new markets, while controlling our costs and delivering ongoing significant value to the business.”

- Colin Stoddart, Head of Digital, Digital Marketing Institute

About the company


Digital Marketing Institute was established.


Total employees.


Alumni members worldwide.

About the goals

The DMI started life in Ireland by delivering courses in a classroom setting. After conquering the UK and taking its courses online, the business then set its sights on the US – and the opportunity for strong growth in the wake of localised economic uncertainty. This lucrative market, full of English speakers, presented a significant opportunity to scale the business, and ultimately generate additional revenue.


Working with Wolfgang Digital, DMI used Smart Display. This is a visual-based campaign type that acquires new users, while maintaining fully-automated bidding that’s optimised to a pre-set cost per acquisition (CPA). With this responsive ad format, the business could run multiple images, descriptions, and headlines – all optimised in real time depending on what people are searching for, and the device they’re on. This strategy allowed the brand to reach new potential customers in the places they’re most likely to convert.

Next, they applied Target CPA. This uses data derived from the DMI’s previous campaigns, along with contextual signals, to automatically optimise bids – and maximise conversions at the desired cost per acquisition – for each auction. The automatic optimisation allowed the DMI to open up their existing keywords to broader terms, reaching more users while still preserving efficiency. This has proved particularly useful in the US, where search behaviour is often different to other markets.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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Website traffic increase YoY.


Revenue uplift YoY.


Growth in US conversions.

The DMI began rolling out its strategy in May 2018 and, in the first six months alone, achieved the following results. Overall traffic on the website was up 59% YoY, and revenue increased by 15% over the same period. In the US specifically, website traffic rose by 81%, and revenue grew 150% YoY. From using the TCPA campaigns, US conversions grew 189% overall. In fact, US revenue now accounts for 13% of the business.

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