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Decorus Salon looks better than ever, thanks to Google Ads

  • Drive more new business through online advertising, by using a more coordinated and planned approach.
  • Show why potential clients should choose Decorus, and encourage them to book an appointment.
  • In the long-term, open two more salons within a 20-mile radius and grow the team.
  • Created a Google Ads campaign with a budget of just £10 per day.
  • Introduced ads with a click-to-call option so customers can book appointments immediately.
  • Used Google Ads’ reporting tool to monitor call duration and track clicks and calls to actual bookings.
  • 75% increase in calls to the business
  • 45% more appointments booked
  • 1500% return on investment (ROI) from the campaign

About the company

April 2017

Decorus Salons opened its doors.


Google Ads budget per day, and often less.


Growth in turnover in the last 3 months.

About the goals

Decorus Salon started in April 2017 after its owner, Daniel Burns, decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition of running his own business. Teaming up with a friend, they decided to open a hair salon—and quickly found the perfect location to open their first store.

One of Daniel’s first goals was to free-up his time to focus more on the brand and managing the accounts, while a team of professionals ran the creative side.

The business soon expanded its range of services to offer anything from a dry cut and colours, to hair repair, colour correction and re-styles. So another overriding goal was to show potential clients how and why they were better than other salons—and encourage them to phone up or pop by. “In the long-term, we want to open two more salons and grow the team, so this was another driving force behind the campaign,” explains Daniel.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

Try Google Ads now

“Thanks to Google Ads, we’re now visible to everyone. Our footfall has increased and clients can easily call us after finding us on the web. We couldn’t be happier, and we’re excited about achieving our growth plans.”

- Daniel Burns, founder and CEO, Decorus Salon


In the early days, Daniel and his team generated new business via their own list of contacts and through word of mouth—but they soon realised a more coordinated marketing approach through Google Ads was needed.

step 1

Pay-per-click Google Ads campaign

The business created a pay-per-click Google Ads campaign, with a budget of £10 per day. “On most days, we spend much less than that,” says Daniel “and we generate more revenue than we spend.”

step 2

Click-to-call option

The business also added click-to-call option. “A lot of clients want things right here and now, so being on Google gets us in front of the people ready to make an appointment immediately,” says Daniel.

step 3

Keyword searches

Initially, Daniel was worried he wouldn’t see a return, but that soon changed. “We’ve been surprised to see it worked better than we thought. Being found by keyword searches puts us on the frontline, and that’s essential.”



Increase in calls


More appointments



With a budget of £10 a day, Google Ads has already led to an increase in salon footfall and more phone enquiries. It’s also helped build their client base and generate repeat visits. As Daniel explains, the benefits have also been felt behind the scenes. “Google Ads has freed up my time in the back office to work on other promotions and improvements within the business.” The team are also using Google Ads’ reporting tools to monitor call duration and track clicks and calls to actual bookings.

“Without Google, our growth definitely wouldn’t have been as rapid and we’d be months behind where we are now,” concludes Daniel.

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