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Cruise expands audience reach and trebles bookings with Google Ads

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Cruise expands audience reach and trebles bookings with Google Ads

  • Adapt to customer needs
  • Increase bookings
  • Increase revenue
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Smart Bidding
  • 193% uplift in bookings
  • -17% drop in cost per conversions
  • 128% growth in revenue

“Embracing Google’s technologies helps save a lot of time. The speed to market is much faster ensuring we get our messaging out to as many qualified customers as possible.”

- Robert Mann, Search Marketing Executive, Cruise

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About the goals

As Cruise’s customer profiles diversified and expectations of personalised experiences grew, it became tougher to manually manage campaigns that ensured every part of the cruise market was reached. Using Google’s Responsive Search Ads, they were able to test ad creative without directly impacting quality scores or creating a big manual task for their team.


Cruise decided to take advantage of the automation features that Google has introduced. A trial of Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) was agreed and - pending results - the use of Smart Bidding was pencilled in.

RSAs allow you to create and adapt ads to show more relevant and personalised combinations of your ad, based on each individual's search query. Smart Bidding also uses automation to set your bids according to searches that are most likely to convert - leaving you in control of your preferred cost per acquisition or overall budget spend. Cruise were able to test multiple headlines and descriptions in Ads to find which combinations performed best across different customer segments and times. This helped increase their speed to market, saving time for the marketing team along the way. Over time, confidence in the Google Ads platform has only grown for the team at Cruise knowing their ad spend is getting better conversions.

How can Responsive Search Ads help your campaign?

Responsive search ads let you create an ad that adapts to show more text—and more relevant messages—to your customers. By adapting ad content to more closely match potential customers’ search terms, RSAs may improve your campaign’s performance.

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uplift in bookings


drop in cost per conversions


growth in revenue

Search Marketing Executive, Robert Mann, was initially met with reservations to the proposed automation of Cruise campaigns. But, the results turned heads and shifted mindsets leading to Smart Bidding being added into the mix.

RSAs provided 38% more bookings and generated a 193% uplift overall. Smart Bidding nearly trebled bookings, lowered the cost per conversion by 17% and grew revenue by 128%.

Automation also freed time for strategic management - allowing Robert’s team to respond to the dynamic and expanding cruise market:
'We would not have been able to scale these campaigns to the current level without automation. We would have needed an army of people to test all the possible creative combinations - and we would probably still be testing round one!’

'The main benefit for us is the ability to scale on such a large proportion in such a small space of time. Dynamically changing content covers the areas of the market which can sometimes go overlooked.'

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