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Google Ads helps Chuckling Goat see a healthy return

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Google Ads helps Chuckling Goat see a healthy return

  • Attract new customers on Google.
  • Drive more online sales and grow the business.
  • Longer-term, find ways to take the business global.
  • Search campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Metrics and support
  • 495% growth in sales.
  • 7,000 conversions each month.
  • £350,000 monthly sales.



Growth in sales since using Google Ads.


Sales each month.


New conversions each month.

About the goals

Chuckling Goat started when co-owner Shann Jones desperately needed a way to fix her family’s health problems. Working from her kitchen, she used her natural farm-made products to first create a treatment for her son’s eczema and then her husband Rich's life-threatening superbug infection. At the heart of each product was a probiotic called kefir. When consumed or applied to skin, kefir has a powerful healing effect on a range of conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

After helping her family, Shann’s next goal was raising brand awareness. “We had no money to advertise, so we had to concentrate on getting our SEO right so people could find us on Google,” she explains.

Shann also needed more online sales to help grow the business and take it from a cottage industry to a successful large-scale business.“I was making soap on the kitchen stove, Rich was milking the goats" says Shann, “and we did the paperwork on a little desk in the hallway. We are a completely end-to-end. We still grow the hay, milk the goats, box the products, service the customers, run the website—all right here on the farm.”

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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Although The Joneses' web designer first suggested trying Google Ads, they were reluctant to advertise at first—due to lack of budget and because paid advertising didn’t feel right for the brand. Eventually, they decided to give it a go, and have never looked back.

“It's difficult to overestimate just how important Google’s ad solutions have been for our business.”

Shann Jones, co-founder and co-director, Chuckling Goat

step 1

Search campaigns

Chuckling Goat have invested mainly in search campaigns. “That's our shop window to the world and people need to be able to find us—and that's really the only way it can be done!” says Shann Jones.

step 2

Display campaigns

Chuckling Goat also uses display campaigns, which help the business showcase the brand, specific products, and any special offers currently running.

step 3

Metrics and support

The metrics and support Shann’s received from Google have been a big help. “Transparent metrics took the anxiety out of the process for me. And every time we speak to Google we get great insights that help improve our campaigns.”

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