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Bill Switchers increases conversions by 88%, with Google Ads

  • Generate high-quality leads at scale
  • Increase conversions
  • Help households cut their energy bills
  • Run Google Search ads, Dynamic Search Ads,
  • and Discovery Ads campaigns
  • 88% increase in conversions
  • 550% increase in ROAS
  • 68% lower CPA

“We would not have been able to grow like this without Google Ads. It’s the only reliable place to get customers with high intent, and is now the backbone of our business.”

- Charlie Duke, Bill Switchers

Goals: Generate high-quality leads and grow conversions

Bill Switchers is one of the UK's leading independent energy comparison services, trusted by more than 15 million customers nationwide.

It started life in 2020 when digital marketing specialist, Charlie Duke, spotted a gap in the energy market. Charles noticed that big firms were spending lots of time and money to switch energy providers, often relying on ‘low quality’ data lists of people who weren’t in the market for switching – and usually didn’t appreciate being cold called.

Charlie’s idea was to use his digital marketing experience to find people who were actively searching for ways to cut their energy bills and potentially switch suppliers. That way, when firms like EDF or British Gas made contact in real-time, they’d be ready to talk and far more likely to convert. For this to work, Charle recognised he needed a solution to deliver high quality leads at scale – and for that, he turned to Google Ads.

Approach: Search ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and Discovery Ads

Charlie pitched the idea to a big UK energy provider, and they agreed to trial it. With the pressure on to deliver high quality leads at a high volume, the team at Bill Switchers began setting up their first campaigns.

To begin with, Charlie created a series of Google Ads campaigns aimed at Search users who were showing an intent to switch providers, or simply reduce their household bills. “At this point,” says Charlie, “our main goal was to get good quality leads coming through, and make sure people were actually wanting to switch.”

With the first campaigns delivering promising results, Charlie consulted with his Google Ads Account Manager to find new lead generation opportunities. They suggested using Dynamic Search ads as a way to begin scaling the volumes. Using content from Charlie’s own landing page and website, these ads automatically adjusted to each user’s search words or phrases — making the headlines and offers even more relevant and likely to drive action. “Having this kind of support from Google was so useful,” says Charlie. “From day one, it was like having my own in-house team that was always looking for ways to push things and get the best results.”

Charlie’s team at Google also recommended Discovery Ads — which display in people’s YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery feeds. In other words, the places people go to find offers or dive into their favourite topics. “I’d not used these types of ads much before,” recalls Charlie “but this approach ended up being a real game changer for us.”

Results: Increasing conversion rates, lowering CPA, and a five-fold rise in ROAS.

Working closely with the team at Google, Charlie has been able to continually improve his campaign performance whilst reducing their costs.

By adding new channels like Discovery, YouTube and Dynamic Search Ads, Bill Switchers have seen their conversion rate almost double, and their cost per acquisition has reduced by 68%.

“Discovery Ads opened up an untapped pool of customers receptive to switching, and the conversion rates we’ve been getting from our Dynamic Search Ads are unheard of”, explains Charlie. Overall, Bill Switchers have achieved a 550% increase in ROAS – something which Charlie says has helped turn a previously unprofitable exercise into something which now works seamlessly.

Most importantly, more than 1 in 3 of all new leads generated by the campaigns end up switching to a new energy provider – and Charlie attributes this to being able to tap into searcher's intent. “The intent is very high, so we’re reaching people who genuinely want to switch. Through Google, we’re now achieving this at volume, and the energy firms we work with have been setting records every other week in terms of sales targets and sales per hour. ”

With Charlie’s strategy now delivering solid results, his next task is to scale things even further. “We know the quality of leads is very consistent, so our focus now is shifting to find more ways we can drive volume,” he explains.

While it’s early days, he’s encouraged and excited to explore other new ads and approaches his Google team suggests. “What we’re planning to do next is use lead form extensions, so people can submit their interest and details in a form right there in the ad, without going to a landing page,” says Charlie. “We’ve found that adopting new technology has been really beneficial so far, so anything new that comes along is always of interest.”

From just a few leads per day, Charlie’s partnership with the energy firms has grown exponentially into something far larger. “We wouldn’t have been able to grow this without Google Ads, and the support at every stage from the Google team has been so valuable,” he says. “Google Ads is the only reliable place to get customers with high purchase intent, and it’s now the backbone of our business. We’re getting very, very good results, with hundreds of switches per day sometimes. And best of all, people are saving money on their energy bills. It’s all working out really well.”

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