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How to increase brand awareness online

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Key take-aways

Brand campaigns have one goal – to get more people familiar with your business and its message so when they do want what you have to offer, you’ll be their go-to business. In today’s always-online world, there’s no place more important to have a strong brand presence than the Web.

Businesses that build brand awareness online increase their credibility by helping customers connect with them easily. A successful campaign builds positive associations around your company, and motivates customers to interact more with your brand and its products or services. Take a look at how to increase brand awareness online with a Google Ads campaign, and start putting your business at the front of customers’ minds.

  • 1. Set your campaign goals
  • 2. Start with search ads
  • 3. Graduate to the Display Network
  • 4. Write brand-savvy ads
From your online advertising to your in-store slogans, your brand should be consistent across all channels. This helps to create brand recognition and reinforce imagery.
Set your campaign goals

Before you start setting up your campaign, get specific about what you hope to achieve with it. Do you want to increase awareness of your brand locally, in a few particular areas, or nationally? Is increasing brand awareness more or less important to your current business goals than highlighting particular products or services? Having clear goals will help you through every step of the setup process, and lead you to design a focused, successful brand campaign.

What is Google Search Network?

Google Search Network is the name for all the webpages and apps where Google Ads can appear.

Start with search ads

It's fairly common knowledge that ads on the Google Search Network are an effective way to draw traffic to a website – but did you know they also have a powerful effect on branding? A study run by Google and Ipsos MediaCT (source) found that search ads lift a brand’s 'top-of-mind awareness' (being the first brand that comes to people’s minds) by an average of 80%.

In the study, users ran searches for specific items, like 'hiking boots' or 'efficient cars', and were then shown either a controlled search engine results page (SERP), or a test results page which put the test brand in the top search ad position. Users were then asked to name which brand first came to mind for the items they'd searched. An average of 14.8% in the ‘Test’ group named the test brand, while just 8.2% of the ‘Control’ group named the same brand.

Why did this happen? It’s most likely because people conducting online searches are already in a receptive mindset. If they're actively searching for a product or service related to your business, and your brand appears front and centre, it’s probable that your brand will become their strongest association. For this reason, and because you can use targeting options to appear to your ideal customer base, search ads should be the foundation of your branding campaign.

Graduate to the Display Network

Once you’ve got the hang of the basics of Google Ads and search ads, you can try running a campaign on the Google Display Network.Google Display ads reach a larger audience of people who aren’t necessarily searching for what you offer, but who are potential customers for other reasons. They could be visiting websites related to your business, or have visited your site in the past, and so on. This wide, but relevant, reach is what gives display ads their brand-building power. Because you can run colorful image ads, or even multimedia ads with video or animation, you can catch more attention and share your brand’s personality at first sight. Find out more about how to increase brand awareness online using the Display Network.

Write brand-savvy ads

From your online advertising to your in-shop slogans, the way you talk about your brand should be consistent everywhere that it appears. This creates and reinforces your brand’s image and message to customers.

When you start writing your ads, ask yourself: "What qualities define my business?" Try assigning three or four adjectives that you believe describe your business, and use them regularly in your online advertising. For example, if you run a small bike repair shop, you might describe your business as:

  • Dependable
  • Fast
  • Trustworthy

Your ads could then say something like:

"Stop by Joe’s Bike Repair for Fast, Dependable, and Trustworthy Service."

Increasing brand awareness online is especially hard when you're trying to reach an audience. Describe your business consistently and let Google Ads help bring your brand to your audience by showing ads in the right places at the right times.

Ad Groups

Using Ad Groups set by theme can help you structure and manage your campaigns easily.

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