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Rotimatic achieves 19X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Google Ads

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Rotimatic achieves 19X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Google Ads

  • Build brand awareness about Rotimatic
  • Reach out to global audiences without setting up retail stores in different countries
  • Utilise online advertising to drive sales and increase revenue
  • Ran Search campaigns to target keywords such as “roti”, “chapati”, and “roti making”
  • Ran Shopping ads to highlight brand, price of product, and more
  • Generated US$21M (~S$28.7M) in revenue in its first year of using Google Ads
  • Experienced a 19X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Google Ads

“Using Google’s marketing solutions, we achieved a 19X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). This was phenomenal.”

— Pranoti Nagarkar, Co-founder, Zimplistic Inventions

About the company


Rotimatic was first launched

US$21M (~S$28.7M)

Worth of revenue generated within one year of using Google Ads


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) achieved with Google Ads

Rotimatic's goals

In 2008, Pranoti Nagarkar quit her job to start working on Rotimatic, the world’s first automated flat bread maker. Pranoti and her husband Rishi Israni spent 8 years in development and created 15 prototypes, before finally shipping the first batch of Rotimatics to consumers.

Once they had their final product up and running, Pranoti and Rishi turned their efforts to marketing. The couple’s goal was to reach out to their global audiences without having the expense of a physical store in every country — that’s where Google Ads came in.

Rotimatic's approach

Rotimatic ran Search campaigns on Google, and targeted consumers who were searching for relevant keywords such as “roti”, “chapati”, and “roti making”. Upon seeing Rotimatic’s ads, consumers could click on the ad and be redirected to a landing page where they could make a purchase.

Search ads aside, another part of Rotimatic’s digital strategy was to use Shopping Ads to showcase its product. With these ads, Rotimatic could highlight its brand, the price of its product, and more.

Other than serving its ads to consumers in Singapore, Rotimatic also targeted consumers in other countries, so as to widen its reach.

Rotimatic's results

Rotimatic saw great results with their Google Ads campaigns. In its first year of using Google Ads, the company generated US$21M (~S$28.7M) in revenue. All in all, Google Ads has brought Rotimatic a 19X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

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