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Lamitak grows its web traffic by 225% by using Google Ads

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Lamitak grows its web traffic by 225% by using Google Ads

  • Raise awareness about its brand to aspiring homeowners
  • Capture a larger share of the consumer market
  • Used keyword-based Search ads, focusing on both brand-specific and general keywords
  • Used Google Display Network to advertise on relevant websites
  • Used In-market Audiences feature to drive visitors with high buying intent
  • Used Affinity Audiences feature to reach out to consumers likely to be a good fit
  • Number of unique website visitors increased by 225%
  • Total website visits grew by 300%
  • Almost 1,000 consumers signed up to receive information via email within 3 months

“Google Ads allowed us to reach consumers throughout their buying journey - being a part of this conversation is essential.”

— Lamitak

About the company


TAK launched its proprietary laminate brand, Lamitak


Growth in website visitors after using Google Ads


Growth in website visits after using Google Ads

Lamitak's goals

Lamitak has been supplying eco-friendly, innovative, design-led high pressure laminates for 18 years. Today, it has a significant presence in 13 countries across Asia and Oceania.

Despite this impressive growth, Lamitak’s marketing team felt they were not engaging actively with an important part of their audience — the consumers.

More specifically, Lamitak could reach its professional customer base (including architects, interior designers and carpenters) using events, trade shows, and other traditional marketing channels. However, they found it hard to reach their consumer audience.

With this in mind, Lamitak’s goal was to raise awareness about its brand to aspiring homeowners, and capture a larger share of the consumer market. Because most people conduct research about high pressure laminates online, it made sense for Lamitak to tap on online advertising to achieve their goal.

Lamitak's approach

Lamitak was looking to reach out to its customers at the start of their customer journeys. At the same time, it wanted to ensure that its brand remained top of mind throughout their customers’ entire decision-making process.

To do this, the company came up with a comprehensive digital strategy that utilised:

  • Keyword-based Search ads to ensure they were found for both brand-specific and general searches
  • Google Display Network to advertise on websites relevant to their target audience
  • Google’s In-market Audiences feature, which typically drove visitors with high buying intent
  • Google’s Affinity Audiences feature, which drove traffic that fit into their typical customer profile

Across all its landing pages, Lamitak also included an option to allow visitors to sign up for its newsletter. This would allow them to engage and nurture consumers who might not be ready to make a purchase immediately.

Lamitak's results

In just 3 months, Lamitak saw almost 1,000 consumers register to receive more information via email.

On top of that, Lamitak’s number of unique website visitors increased by 225%, with total website visits growing by 300%.

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