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Chope uses Google Ads to increase online reservations by 38%

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Chope uses Google Ads to increase online reservations by 38%

  • Acquire new users through Chope’s mobile app
  • Keep Cost Per Install manageable
  • Used Audience Search Solution to refine target audience
  • Used Universal App Campaigns (UAC) to show ads across multiple Google products
  • Used Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to retarget consumers
  • Reduced Cost Per Install by 35%
  • Increased year-on-year bookings by 38%
  • Brought about a Return On Investment (ROI) that was 8X better than previous figures

“We are now thinking of how can we make sure that the people who install our app go on to make more reservations. We will explore GDN, UAC and Remarketing further in order to achieve this goal.”

— Jasvind Singh, Performance Marketing Manager

About the company


Chope was founded in Singapore


Increase in online reservations after running Google Ads


Improvement in ROI brought about by Google Ads

Chope's goals

While studying in the US, Arrif Ziaudeen came across online reservation services and realised nothing like it existed in Asia. So upon returning to his home, Singapore, he launched Chope.

Today, the Chope website and app has expanded across Asia, partnering with 3,000 restaurants in eight high-profile cities. All in all, Chope makes the dining experience a breeze for more than 35 million consumers.

However, as Chope continued to set itself ambitious growth targets, the company was increasingly stretched to meet these through its online marketing program. In particular, the Cost Per Acquisition for new customers was rising.

Moving ahead, Chope wanted to find a way to acquire new users through its mobile app. At the same time, the company also needed to keep its Cost Per Acquisition (or Cost Per Install, in this case) manageable.

Chope's approach

Chope had been using Google Ads for many years now, but it initially focused on keyword-based online advertising (ie Search ads). As the company expanded, the team wanted to look into exploring other campaign types as well.

Because Chope’s goal was to reach out to a wider audience, Google recommended that they run ads using additional formats and platforms. These include:

  • Audience Search Solution, which allows you to refine your reach based on demographics, interests, and other factors
  • Universal App Campaigns (UAC), which utilises machine learning to show the right kind of ad as people search, watch, browse, and use apps on their phone across Google's products
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), which allows advertisers to reach out to those who have previously engaged with their brand, but haven’t converted as users

Chope's results

With this new approach, Chope successfully increased its number of app installs while pushing down its Cost Per Install by 35%. As for advertising effectiveness, the new users that Chope acquired were highly engaged, to the point where Chope witnessed a 38% increase in year-on-year bookings.

All in all, the team at Chope estimates that the introduction of UAC, RLSA and Audience Search provided a Return On Investment (ROI) that was 8X better than their previous figures.

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