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Discover mobile advertising with Google Ads

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Discover mobile advertising with Google Ads

Key take-aways

Google mobile ads can help you to reach potential customers anywhere, right when they’re searching on their smartphone for what you offer. 91% of people have reported that they look up information on their mobiles when they want to know about, find, do or buy something1 and 51% have discovered a new company or product while searching on their phones2. Mobile advertising can help you be there at such moments, making your business more visible to potential customers.

Google Ads offers mobile ads to help you make a connection with on-the-go customers. So, how do Google mobile ads work?

1. Show up in the palm of their hand

2. Reaching your ideal mobile audience

3. Test and tweak for success

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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With Google Ads, you pay only when a potential customer clicks your ad to visit your website or gives you a call.

1. Show up in the palm of their hand

Google Ads mobile ads come in multiple formats, including text and image ads designed to be mobile user-friendly and look great on smaller screens. You can also choose different goals for your ads, from “Call your business” that prominently feature your business’s phone number, encouraging people to call you with one click, to “Visit your business” that encourage potential customers to visit your business.

Google Ads will also show you how many customers interacted with your business on Google Maps as a result of your campaign. Google Ads mobile advertising is pay-per-click (PPC), meaning you pay only when a potential customer clicks your advert to visit your site or calls your business from their phone. Additionally, how much you spend is flexible and up to you – you can change your advertising budget at any time.

What are mobile ads?

A mobile ad is a type of Google Ads advertisement that can appear on phone apps or web pages that are viewed on a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet. There are several types of Mobile Ads, including text ads, image ads, app promotion ads, and more.

2. Reaching your ideal mobile audience

To show your advert on searches done on a mobile device, you’ll choose a list of keywords that potential customers might use to search for relevant products and services like yours on Google. When someone searches on their phone for a keyword that you’ve selected, your mobile search advert may show up in their search results. For example, if you own an Indian restaurant that offers delivery in Delhi, in addition to more specific terms like your restaurant’s name, you might include keywords such as ‘Delhi Indian Food' and 'restaurant delivery in Delhi. Google Ads comes with a free Keyword Planner tool to help you come up with a list of keywords for your business that people are more likely to search with.

There are other options for where your mobile ads can show up on people’s smartphones, such as websites related to what your business offers. You can also target your ads to specific geographic locations to reach customers close enough to visit your business.

3. Test and tweak for success

Your Google Ads account comes with conversion tracking tools that can show you important data about how your advertising is performing, like how many people clicked your advert and what actions they took after that. This helps you see what’s working in your advertising campaigns, and what could do with being amended. Is one of your keywords leading to more phone calls than the rest? Are people from locations that you didn’t expect visiting your site on their phones? Should you widen the locations that you’ve targeted your ads to? Find out more about conversion tracking with Google Ads here.

With insights into how your mobile ads are performing, you can make powerful changes to better reach today’s smartphone-savvy customer when it matters – the moment at which they want to visit, call or buy from a business like yours.

How to write successful mobile ads?

A good ad shows potential customers that your business could be the one that they should consider to fulfill their need. Include a compelling call to action message that appeals to users across devices.

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Regardless of how big or small your advertising budget is, you can utilise Google Ads to achieve your business goals. Use the above tips to make the most out of your ad spend, and remember to continuously test and tweak your ads to optimise your Return On Investment (ROI).

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