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Saraf furniture, a family of 1500+ carpenters providing quality wood furniture

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Saraf furniture, a family of 1500+ carpenters providing quality wood furniture

  • Boost brand awareness in a competitive furniture market
  • Increase leads, online sales and conversion rates
  • Drive more visits to the website
  • Launched Display Ads and Shopping campaigns, in addition to Search Ads
  • Created time sensitive and contextual ad creatives
  • Pivoted website content to showcase quality of wood as a differentiating factor
  • Monthly leads increased to an average of 3,500/month in 2019
  • Revenue surged 2.5x in 2019 year on year
  • ROI on Google Ads surged 80x during Q2 2020

“Saraf Furniture gave us a livelihood, a higher standard of living, and constant support right here in our hometown, thus, giving us no reason to move to a big city like Jaipur.”

— Carpenter, Saraf Furniture

About the company


Saraf Furniture was founded in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan


More leads generated using Google Ads


Carpenters employed as a result of growth

The roots of Saraf Furniture

A 40-year old joint family business made its way to becoming India’s leading online retailer of Sheesham wood furniture. Saraf Furniture provides livelihood to 1500+ carpenters and continues to build a legacy with third-generation craftsmen.

Raghunandan, the CEO of Saraf Furniture, wanted to change the traditional ways of manufacturing Sheesham wood furniture and make wood furniture more affordable to the masses and strike a balance between craft, quality, and design.

Coming from a line of wood manufacturers, his vision to become a distinguished online retailer for the Indian market had its fair share of hurdles. For instance, Raghunandan’s family wasn’t keen on pivoting to a furniture business, but he knew this was crucial to survive in the long term.

Raghunandan's first step was to create a catalogue, publish it online and open up his factory for tours. This brought about a 3x increase in revenue, which convinced his family that it was worthwhile to invest in online efforts. From there, Raghunandan created his website and started running Google Ads.

Carving out a new path

To compete with other players and to capture a larger market share, Raghunandan started using Google Ads to reach the right audience, and boost his conversion rate.

The legacy of Saraf Furniture gave them an edge over their competitors. Raghunandan decided to use this to his benefit and educate the customers about the benefits of high-quality Sheesham wood and his minimalistic designs that make it affordable. To do this, he used a variety of ad formats on Google.

In the first year, Saraf Furniture claims to boost its revenue from 4.5cr to 10cr, thanks to Google Ads. This allowed the company to open more offline stores. Using Google Shopping Campaigns, Saraf claims to have identified cities with the largest demand, and gradually opened offline stores in those high demand cities. They opened their very first store in Bengaluru, followed by New Delhi, Hyderabad and Surat.

To expand its pool of potential customers, Saraf Furniture also decided to cater to the B2B segment. In order to do this, they used Google Ads to target hotels and corporate businesses.

“With Google Ads, we got 10x more leads and double the conversion rate in comparison to traditional marketing methods.”

— Raghunandan Saraf, CEO, Saraf Furniture

Locking in growth during the lockdown

Saraf Furniture built a strong presence in the market and in the hearts of 1500 carpenters. While other factories were laying off employees, Saraf continued to support and provide for their carpenters and contribute to the local community. They supplied food and sanitation kits, adopted safety measures at the manufacturing units and partnered with a pharmacy to develop and distribute an immunity booster to the people in the region.

With the lockdown, Raghunandan expected a halt in orders, however, he saw a spike in the demand for office furniture like study tables and chairs. Raghu thought outside the box and despite the slowdown, tapped into new categories like mattresses and rugs to complement the furniture purchases and further enhance the user experience.

From Saraf Furniture’s growth to their future endeavours, Google Ads is with them every step of the way.

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