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ORRA uses Google Ads to customise regional creatives

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ORRA uses Google Ads to customise regional creatives

  • Maintain its reputation as one of India’s most prestigious jewellery retail chains
  • Implement a targeted digital marketing strategy that caters to different regions
  • Tested campaigns on the Google Display Network featuring region-specific creatives
  • Tested different offers that would appeal to different communities (eg Tamilians)
  • Targeted customers on sites that matched their interests, such as lifestyle sites
  • Ran remarketing ads to increase conversions and sales
  • Resolved the problem of media fragmentation
  • Successfully reached out to different communities, including Tamilians in Chennai
  • ORRA now invests 10X the amount it used to on digital marketing

“The Google Display Network allowed us to express ourselves creatively and to increase the effectiveness of our advertising.”

- Vijay Jain, CEO & Director, ORRA Jewellery

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