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Jumpstart Preschool, revolutionizing child development with Google Ads

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Jumpstart Preschool, revolutionizing child development with Google Ads

  • Boost brand awareness and website visits
  • Generate B2B leads for franchise expansion
  • Improve conversion rate and ROI
  • Launched Display ads to showcase student life at Jumpstart
  • Targeted locally relevant, high intent yet less competitive search terms
  • Created YouTube videos to connect with interested parents
  • Leads increased from an average of 15/day to 65/day resulting in 8 franchises citywide
  • Enrolments hiked from 18/year to 500/year using Google Ads

“In this seesaw of education, we want to strike a balance between practical learning and life experiences.”

— Sneha and Aditya Tapadia, Founders, Jumpstart Preschool

About the company


Jumpstart Preschool was founded in Pune, Maharashtra


Enrolments per year with Google Ads (previously 18/year)


Women employed by Jumpstart

Prepping your child for life

Jumpstart Preschool was set up with an experiential school of thought and relies on practical teaching tools to make sure that every child is life ready; not just exam ready. Started by 3 like-minded family members, Aditya, Sneha, and Santosh, this preschool is the result of their dedication to child welfare.

Aditya Tapadia, co-founder of Jumpstart, used to be a backbencher in school. He found it hard to cope with academics using rote learning, and his experiences taught him how different the world outside a classroom truly is. Thus, Aditya started a learning centre - to use practical and innovative teaching methods to help every child take on the real world.

Sneha Tapadia is Aditya’s partner, both in life and at work. Together, they strike a unique balance to preserve the individuality and uniqueness of every child while preparing them for the real world. Aditya’s mother, Mrs. Santosh, plays an important role in establishing a quality-driven ecosystem at Jumpstart by ensuring that quality care is provided to students and that the care-takers are well trained.

Not a cookie-cutter curriculum

Jumpstart believes in enhancing and building a child’s skill-set by using practical teaching tools from an early age. It is a learning centre that uses innovative and experiential teaching methods to focus on holistic growth. By doing so, Jumpstart prepares its kids to step out into the real world.

For instance, the school offers a Parent-Toddler programme that allows children to learn word associative memory by listening to rhymes and acting the words out. In this programme, parents are taught to use these techniques to help their children learn at home.

The Parent-Toddler programme aside, Jumpstart also has other programmes that target 9 intelligence experiences to uncover a child’s natural inclination towards a subject. These programmes expose children to learning using innovative and fun methods like folk dance, lego, dance fitness, and more.

Jumpstart also follows an open-door policy which makes it easier for parents to check in with teachers as and when they want. Their 360-degree approach, well-crafted 220-day programme and 60 curricular activities make them stand out from other preschools. Their approach is also why the school is highly popular, and has received many enrollments.

“From 18 enrolments in one year using traditional methods to 500 using Google Ads, our growth chart spiked immensely.”

— Sneha and Aditya Tapadia, Founders, Jumpstart Preschool

Building blocks of a local preschool

Jumpstart first invested in Google Ads in 2018 and has never looked back. Google Ads has helped the company generate leads for both their business franchise and enrollment, at a high conversion and ROI.

In particular, Jumpstart’s strategy was to optimise their campaigns by bidding for specific, less competitive keywords like ‘best preschool in Deccan area’, ‘mother toddler class’. At the same time, they also created a negative keywords list so that their ads would not show up for irrelevant keywords such as ‘dog care’. Following this, they claim to have seen a 100% increase in lead conversion.

All in all, Jumpstart mentions that they went from getting 10-20 leads using traditional marketing methods to 60-70 leads per day with Google Ads. With such great results, Jumpstart was able to guarantee at least 80% enrolment to all their franchisees. As of today, the company claims to invest 80% of their advertising budget on Google Ads.

Jumpstart was also quick to react to the challenge that Covid-19 brought, thanks to Google Ads. While they had to pause in-person classes, the company quickly set up virtual classes. Jumpstart’s teachers also developed innovative and engaging ways to educate kids from home.

Finally, the Jumpstart team also utilised the lockdown period to experiment with new ways of doing business. More specifically, they launched a 14-day online e-Summer camp for kids to learn table etiquette, and how to prepare fireless recipes. As per Jumpstart, they promoted this camp using Google Ads, and received nearly 1200 enrolments from across the country.

In their own words, Google Ads helped the Tapadias look beyond their initial goals and dreams. It acted as a partner in moving up the ladder and to secure the best leads for Jumpstart Preschool, a learning centre.

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