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Juicy Chemistry, revolutionising organic skincare in India with Google Ads

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Juicy Chemistry, revolutionising organic skincare in India with Google Ads

  • Boost brand awareness within the organic skin care category
  • Generate high conversion rate and ROI on the website
  • Increase visibility locally and globally
  • Launched Search and Display ads to educate customers on certified organic products
  • Worked with YouTube influencers to drive brand awareness
  • Applied SEO best practices to blog content
  • Now shipping internationally, vs only pan India before
  • 3X increase in weekly orders
  • 150% increase in monthly orders and 20% increase in sales

“A product is only as good as the ingredients in it. Our complete range of products is produced from the finest organic produce, painstakingly sourced.”

— Pritesh and Megha Asher, Founders, Juicy Chemistry

About the company


Juicy Chemistry was founded in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


Orders per month


Increase in orders due to Google Ads

A journey from home based ingredients

Juicy Chemistry is a homegrown and certified organic cosmetic company founded by the husband-wife duo, Pritesh and Megha Asher. Pritesh and Megha started the company in 2015, after struggling to find chemical-free skincare products as consumers.

After realising there was a gap in the market, Pritesh and Megha explored the idea of starting their own skincare brand with 100% natural ingredients. At that point in time, very few skincare brands were 100% organic, and customers weren’t fully informed about how harmful the chemicals in skincare products could be.

In their early days, Pritesh and Megha used pantry staples such as coffee, turmeric, and coconut, and started experimenting in their kitchen. They also did a ton of research on the benefits and formulation of natural ingredients, and the harmful use of preservatives and synthetic oils. The more they read on Google, the more determined they were to educate their audience, and offer them a natural alternative to existing skincare products.

Today, Juicy Chemistry has come a long way. When Pritesh and Megha first started on their journey, they had a highly limited budget of 5,000 rupees per month, and they experimented at home, without any fancy equipment. Fast forward to today, and Juicy Chemistry is now India’s first brand to offer a complete product range certified organic by ECOCERT (France) in accordance with COSMOS V3 Standards. If you ask Pritesh and Megha, they’ll tell you that this took years of research and effort, and plenty of trial and error to achieve.

A fresh take on skincare

When Juicy Chemistry first launched, Pritesh and Megha were bottling their product in mason jars. Each jar came with a handwritten note, and they had zero advertising - they grew purely through word of mouth. It also helped that their existing customers tended to stay loyal to the brand - and that’s when Pritesh and Megha realised the potential of Juicy Chemistry.

To take their business to the next level, Pritesh and Megha knew that they had to educate their customers better. Customers often asked them how Juicy Chemistry was different from any other organic brand, and it was important for the company to communicate their unique benefits more effectively.

To do this, Juicy Chemistry rented out booths in pop-up events in Coimbatore and neighbouring towns. At these events, the team would educate their customers about the richness of naturally sourced ingredients, and how other brands claim to be organic when they’re often using harmful chemicals. They got their first big break at a show in Chennai where over 20,000 people walked in, and an influencer took to their products. After this particular show, Juicy Chemistry became a well-known brand.

“From 100-150 orders every week to receiving almost 8,000 orders now, we continue to grow with Google Ads.”

— Pritesh and Megha Asher, Founders, Juicy Chemistry

The not so secret ingredient

From the start, Juicy Chemistry was committed to producing high-quality products for their customers. Firstly, Pritesh and Megha ensured that their company was properly certified. This built trust, and allowed their customers to feel secure in the knowledge that Juicy Chemistry was committed to delivering the highest global standards for organic skincare.

On top of that, Juicy Chemistry also went to great lengths to optimise their manufacturing processes and storage and procurement methods, and they were one of the first brands in India to list all the ingredients in their labelling. Juicy Chemistry’s customers appreciate the transparency and this belief has helped set the company apart from competition.

The company used Google Ads to drive traffic to their website and blog, which proved to be a good choice. With Google Ads, Juicy Chemistry was able to target customers based on geography, and increase their pool of customers beyond Coimbatore, their place of origin. This helped increase the company’s leads and revenue, and their weekly orders grew from 100 to 300. In 2016, the brand also opened a retail store in Coimbatore.

Opportunities that arose from the Covid-19 lockdown

In light of Covid-19, the idea of using local brands, and adapting to a safer, healthy lifestyle became all the more important. People started researching organic brands more often, and to capitalise on this, Juicy Chemistry increased their spending on Google Ads. As a result, Juicy Chemistry generated 150% more orders and 20% more sales during the lockdown period.

Moving forward, Juicy Chemistry plans to create products for men and children, and upgrade their manufacturing methods as well. With the help of Google Ads, the brand now claims to get 20% order volumes from multiple countries like Australia, Malaysia, Canada, and many others.

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