About Universal App Campaigns

Reach users who will love your app.

Universal App Campaigns help you promote your iOS or Android app to billions of users across Google—all from one campaign. Let Google’s machine learning help you find the best users and make the most of your budget.

Start now

Set up your ad in minutes.


Customise your ad.

Search for your Android or iOS app to see a custom ad preview using information pulled from the App Store or Play Store. Then, customise the text. You can also upload images and videos of your app.


Choose your budget.

Decide how much you’re willing to spend for each install (cost per install, or CPI) and set your daily budget.


Let us do the hard work.

Launch your ad and get back to business. Google will automatically show it across Google Search, Play, YouTube, Gmail and more. Your ads, bids and targeting are continually refined to help deliver high-quality installs—all within your target CPI.

Get more value from each ad.

Universal App Campaigns use machine learning aimed at making the smartest decision for serving each ad, analysing up to 300 million potential signal combinations in real time. Using Smart Bidding, you can tailor bids for your unique business goals—target cost per acquisition (tCPA) or target return on ad spend (tROAS).

Achieve your app marketing goals.

Define actions that drive your business value (i.e. beat level 2, take a first ride, or sign up for a trial). Universal App Campaigns are designed to deliver your ad to users who are likely to complete those actions.