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DSL Extreme Call Extension Ads

May 2016


DSL Extreme delivers high-speed internet to homes and businesses across the nation, offering a wide range of packages to fit the needs and budget of any customer. The company has used Google Ads since 2003 to drive sales across online and offline channels.

  • Establish DSL Extreme as a leading provider of high-speed Internet services
  • Improve mobile conversion rates and cost-per-acquisition.
  • Use call extensions to drive sales over the phone in addition to online.
  • Implement call conversion tracking across ads and the DSL Extreme website.
  • Significant mobile conversion increases from phone calls.
  • Improved customer service ratings after using Google Ads data to improve the caller experience.

Connecting with customers over the phone

Calls are an integral part of DSL Extreme’s marketing strategy to provide more personalized service to customers. They’ve implemented Google Ads call extensions to make it convenient for customers to click-to-call directly from mobile search ads.

“We have always been channel-neutral. Our priority is to make it as easy as possible for customers to research and buy our services, regardless of whether that happens online or over the phone. Choosing the right Internet package can be challenging so calling us helps customers get their questions answered faster.”

– Robert Fredrick, Senior Marketing Director

DSL Extreme tracks call conversions across their ads and website to monitor call quality at the keyword level, and measure which calls result in engaged conversations with a sales agent. By analyzing these conversations, they’ve determined the exact length of a call that typically results in a sale.

Enhancing the caller experience

Call insights from Google Ads have helped DSL Extreme improve the customer experience substantially. For example, to optimize call center staffing and minimize wait times, they’ve used call metrics data to identify the days of week and times of day customers are calling the most. Remarketing lists for search ads allow them to differentiate between new and existing customers and route callers to the right call center agent.

“Google Ads gives us detailed insight into our customers, including which keywords they’re searching for and which landing pages they’re researching. We implement unique phone numbers that allow us to know which landing page they’re on before they call us. This is valuable context that allows us to deliver the most relevant experience possible. Calls are now a huge revenue driver for us.”

– Robert Fredrick, Senior Marketing Director

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