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Kredivo reduces CPA by 80% and increases daily conversions by 14X

  • Get more people to sign up as a Kredivo user
  • Grow user base, with a focus on verified and registered users
  • Mapped out the user funnel from the first installation to the eventual conversion
  • Implemented UAC for Actions
  • Optimised campaigns and applied best practices (for bidding, etc)
  • Rate of daily conversions increased by 14X
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) decreased by 80%
  • Improved overall conversion rate by 30%

“By working closely with Google’s account management team, UAC showed strong performance and put those concerns to rest. We now plan to replicate this on iOS, as UAC has become a huge part of our app acquisition strategy.”

— Kelvin Saputra, Digital Marketing Manager, Kredivo

About the company


Kredivo was founded


Increase in daily conversions in-app using Google Ads


Lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) using Google Ads

Kredivo’s goals

Kredivo is a credit solution company that offers their clients the chance to get quick credit for online shopping.

Since the company launched its service in 2016, one of its key focuses has been to grow its user base. As such, Kredivo’s goal was to get more people to use its service, and increase its number of registered users.

Krevido's approach

To start off with, Kredivo reviewed their in-app tracking in order to map out the user funnel. With an overview of the entire funnel (from the first installation to the user’s eventual conversion), Kredivo could better understand their users, and determine what they needed to do to engage their users at each touch point.

Next, Kredivo used UAC for Actions to optimise their conversions. They also followed certain best practices for bidding and budget setting in order to get the most out of their ad spend.

Kredivo’s results

Kredivo saw great results with its campaigns. Firstly, their number of daily conversions increased by 14X, and their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) also dropped by 80%. All in all, the company improved its conversion rate by 30%, and drove numerous new sign-ups for its service.

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