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Buana Joglo increases sales by >50% with Google Ads

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Buana Joglo increases sales by >50% with Google Ads

  • Promote Buana Joglo to potential customers outside Cepu
  • Generate more demand and increases sales
  • Grow Buana Joglo into a national brand
  • Ran online ads on Google Ads
  • Started off with a minimal daily budget of US$4.50 (~IDR 60,000)
  • Ensured that ads are relevant and useful to achieve a better ranking
  • Initial ads generated 70,000 and >1,500 clicks every month
  • Sales increased by >50% in first 6 months
  • Turnover tripled, with purchases coming from Bintan, Bali, Jakarta, and other cities
  • Buana Joglo grew to a team of 25 people

“After reaching new customers only by word-of-mouth, our small customer base started to expand rapidly six months after we started to use Google Ads.”

— Ronny Tangguh, Founder, Buana Joglo

About the company

IDR 60,000

Initial daily budget used to run Google Ads


Clicks generated per month


Increase in sales from Google Ads, in just 6 months

Buana Joglo’s goals

Buana Joglo was born when Ronny Tangguh, an art enthusiast and businessman from Cepu, Central Java, turned his father’s old teak-wood furniture store into a workshop for joglo restoration. For those unfamiliar with the term, joglo is a traditional architectural structure from Java that features an iconic roof design.

Starting out, Ronny relied on word-of-mouth to sell his joglo buildings. While this got his niche business off the ground, it was clear that his sales were constrained by the limited demand in Cepu. Ronny needed a way to reach beyond his hometown, and he turned to Google Ads to do this.

Buana Joglo’s approach

Ronny built Buana Joglo’s first website, then launched his first Search ads to promote his site. Because Ronny was unsure of how profitable his ads would be, he bought ads conservatively, with a daily budget of US$4.50 (~IDR 60,000).

Buana Joglo’s results

To Ronny’s surprise, his online ads were positively received by viewers all over Indonesia, resulting in 70,000 impressions and more than 1,500 clicks from potential customers every month.

With the new digital marketing campaign, Buana Joglo’s sales increased by more than 50% within the first 6 months. Following that, Ronny’s turnover tripled, with purchases coming from Bintan, Bali, Jakarta, and many other cities. Customer research even revealed that several large Indonesian resorts were inspired to start using joglos after seeing Ronny’s online ads.

Today, Buana Joglo has grown to a team of 25 people, and Ronny’s next steps are to improve his website performance and develop an English website to cater to international clients.

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