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Archipelago increases bookings by 440% using Google Ads

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Archipelago increases bookings by 440% using Google Ads

  • Come up with differentiated strategies to target consumers in different countries
  • Grow revenue and increase Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Restructured Search Ads campaigns for better targeting
  • Implemented Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns to maximise ROI
  • 440% increase in direct online bookings volume
  • 90% reduction in Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • 850% increase in overall Return On Investment (ROI)

“Google Ads has helped us to increase brand awareness and brand equity of our product. It has really helped us to advertise to an audience that's already interested in us and produces a noticeable increase in targeted leads.”

— Erika Anggreini, Corporate Director of Marketing, Archipelago International

About the company


Archipelago International was established in Jakarta


Archipelago properties across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Latin America and Middle East


Increase in online bookings after using Google Ads

Archipelago International’s goals

Archipelago International is the largest hotel management chain in Indonesia, serving a wide range of properties including budget hotels, luxury villas, and serviced apartments.

Archipelago is no stranger to online marketing — they’ve been utilising Google Ads to grow their business since 2008. Corporate Director of Marketing Erika Anggreini shares that Archipelago finds online marketing more effective and more easily measurable, as compared to traditional marketing strategies such as print ads.

While Archipelago initially managed their online ads in-house, their portfolio has become increasingly complex over the years, and it’s now managed by an external vendor. With this in mind, Archipelago’s goal was to come up with unique online marketing strategies that would resonate with their individual target audiences, and continue increasing their revenue and Return On Investment (ROI).

Archipelago International’s approach

Archipelago International partnered with a digital marketing agency, iProspect Valuklik Indonesia, to optimise its use of Google Ads.

First and foremost, iPropsect restructured Search Ads campaigns for each of Archipelago International's brand campaigns based on its different customer segments. It also organised Archipelago’s campaigns by region, city, and specific geographical location of each hotel for better clarity.

Next, iProspect implemented Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns for Archipelago based on hotel ROI. For potential customers who visited sites of low ROI hotels, Archipelago would simply remarket to them. For those who visited sites of high ROI hotels, on the other hand, Archipelago would remarket to them and also increase their bids to reach these customers more effectively.

Archipelago International’s results

In less than two years, Archipelago International's direct online bookings volume increased by 440% — far exceeding the results that other channels, including online travel agents, brought to the company.

On top of that, Archipelago also managed to push down their Cost per Action (CPA) by an impressive 90%. With the same amount of marketing budget, Archipelago International received almost 3X more bookings with 3X lower CPA compared to online travel agents.

All in all, this led to Archipelago International increasing its ROI by 850% in a single year.

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