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Purple drives purchase intent with Life Events

  • Drive consideration of Purple mattresses
  • Reached people who just moved or got married or were about to move or get married with Life Events
  • Ran a TrueView in-stream ad asking customers the important question ‘What’s in your mattress?’
  • 339% increase in brand searches
  • 22% increase in purchase intent
  • 37% reduction in cost per visit

“Google’s audience solutions allows us to reach people as they go through key life transitions that correspond with increased likelihood to purchase a mattress. Getting our creative in front of these high value audiences has been critical for our business goals.”

– Bryant Garvin, Director of Digital Marketing, Purple

Purple's challenge

An innovative company out of Utah, Purple takes a scientific and data-driven approach to making sure the mattresses they provide are the highest quality they can be. Purple were keen to drive further bedding orders on their website and reach audiences at different stages of their purchase journey. The company also wanted to acquire new users during their initial research phase and activate a purchase decision.

Purple's approach

For these goals to be met, Purple started by using Custom Intent Audiences to reach people on YouTube who were already actively searching for in-market and specific, branded terms. They were able to do this by developing a creative Ads account strategy that leveraged multiple dedicated conversion pixels. Purple also complemented these campaigns with a large masthead awareness push.

Purple’s results

Due to the powerful targeting methods available from Custom Intent Audiences on YouTube, Purple saw a successful return from their campaign. They were able to lower their cost-per visit by 37% whilst simultaneously increasing the uplift in brand searches by 339%. Purple also observed that their return on ad spend (ROAS) was now outperforming their non-branded search campaigns.

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